Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have all been there when you want that person. You can live without everything else but them, and you can't imagine a life without that special person. Then you wonder about could they live without you, and if you had to think about, were given a choice what would you choose? Because when you meet that person who just makes your world complete you can't imagine living without them, even heaven wouldn't be the same without them cause you can deal with everything negative in the world as long as their by your side! Beautiful song and the beat is just classic so enjoy and download if you like!

When you have to question the world your in, and everything around you seems so unreal! Like you thinking life is one way when it appears to be another way! The beat is classic rock star vibe but love it the entire song is relate-able. "I JUST WANT TO LIVE" that's some powerful words but we all want to live and just do what we want without being judged every step of the way! This single was released to the public on June 10th and the downloads went crazy from the first tweet!

This song is what really happens in relationships no matter how much you fight, at the end of the night you want  to makeup! This song describes when a women is on point and keeps the relationship on top priority, letting him know that she into him and wants him! However when you get tired and the lies just add up, the other women get on your nerves. However at the end of the night "I HATE YOU,YOU  AIN'T SHIT  BUT I  LOVE  YOU. DON'T NOBODY ELSE MAKES ME AS MAD AS YOU, BUT  WHEN  WE  MAKE LOVE I'M GLAD IT'S YOU!"   However at the end of the night just make up, and hold her close we may scream and even yell but we really just want you to hold us close and make it alright!

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