Sunday, June 27, 2010


“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.”
Michael Jackson
There was not a dry eye during Chris Brown’s performance  tribute to the late great Michael Jackson! Ever since Chris brown was a young boy he looked up to Michael Jackson as his idol and musical mentor, and the idea of Michael and him teaming up would have been legendary in it’s own rights! However I know that Michael Jackson is proud of Chris Brown, tonight we didn’t just see Chris Brown honor his musical icon, but a young man that has grown up before our eye’s to salute legend! I was in tears when he stated to sing “Man in The Mirror” him being choked up only added to the expression in his heart! Chris Brown shouldn’t be second guessed anymore on his talents, heart, or his ability to reach the masses! Michael Jackson once said “I’m never pleased with anything, I’m a perfectionist, it’s part of who I am.” However tonight mister Chris Brown that is wrong Michael wouldn’t correct a thing, you did amazing tonight! Furthermore twitter went crazy over your performance here is a few comments to let you know how the fans of yours and Michael Jackson were blessed by your true tribute to greatness:
CUTIESMILEY1990-Girl make sure you watch Chris performance..It was beautiful!!
kaykay0715-Thank u Taraji P Henson! Chris brown stole everyone’s hearts
24manda24_SOP-HISTORY WAS FREAKIN MADE, yall finally realizing the issssh we’ve been saying!!!!!!! CHRIS BROWN is the best and has been the best!!!!
afrocenchic-This was one of the best BET awards in a long time! Chris Brown and El Debarge were the highlights!
BelindaBrown-Im VERY PROUD OF YOU @chrisbrown Happiest day of any CB fan
IamNovel-Chris Brown killed the whole show… #IdontCareWhatUsay or #HowMuchYouHate wow
RT @precioustrice: @chrisbrown You have made us proud tonight..CBE standup..Teambreezy always had your back…Let’s do this…to the mountaintop..
CharCBk-IM SO HAPPY/EMOTIONAL/PROUD RIGHT NOW..@chrisbrown the things u do to me i swear. u deserve nothing but the best in life! i love you
nat_alie13-i am so happy right now! chris killed the MJ tribute &&& won that award!!!! &&& he said #teambreezy , the night can’t get any better.
onebrownangel-@chrisbrown go boy you know u are a bad boy love u
And many more I wish I could post them all, and this just goes to show what an amazing gift music is to us all and how it touches us in a way that words may never truly express! As each song went on you could see that passion, fire, and that electric energy that Michael Jackson had and when Michael’s brother embraced Chris after his performance my heart dropped not a dry eye could be found in the Awards! Watching Chris Brown tonight let’s me further know that no one could have done better, and Michael is in heaven right now smiling and looking down knowing that music has it’s lead BACK!! CHRIS God bless your heart you did amazing tonight the night was yours you took back everything that was taken or discredited your on top and you can’t be stopped! So smile hard and enjoy the piece of history you gave us all!


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  1. Beautiful and great tribute. Chris Brown did his thing hands down. Much respect to him. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson (may he rest in heaven) would be proud. This performance brought tears to my eyes. Amazing performance by Chris Brown.



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