Monday, June 28, 2010


_Dawon- #RetweetThisIf You give Chris Brown mad props for that performance
ReaganGomez-So far, CBreezy & El Debarge have killed the show. I’m on the West Coast, so Prince hasn’t blessed my universe yet….
CeoSouljaboy -#RT if you think chris brown had the best the best performance !
DaRealWhoDaat – Biggest hightlight of the show was @chrisbrown .. He felt that performance the song hit him hard.. “finally he’s appreciated again”
SilLyBOyFreShh -I feel so proud to be a TRUE fan of @ChrisBrown. A fan that’s been with him thru the Ups & Downs. This dude is just simply AMAZING! RT!
gloobspot -With God anything is possible.The prayer circle in the trailer w/ @chrisbrown was touching because we all connected spiritually.
CUTIESMILEY1990-Damn i watched @chrisbrown performance again on youtube and it gave me chills and made me teary eyed all over again..He’s so talented.
smokebulga -RT @KimKardashian Wow @ChrisBrown did such an amazing MJ tribute performance at the BET Awards! So emotional and deep…Amazing job!
MakaBreezy -man @chrisbrown and #TeamBreezy makin history…guys were the first fans ever to win a FANDEMONIUM award
YerdMe_CMB -RT @RickeySmiley: Yall already know I’m a chris brown fan!!!
106andpark -RT @BETAwards: Congratulations #TeamBreezy! You’re the #Fandemonium award winners!
SherleyRihStan -Chris Brown did his thing no one else could do it but him, haters go eats ourself no f****king person could freaking say otherwise i love CB
ChrisBrownWeb -And, yes – of course Chris never left to us, but I think it’s about that time that the general public forgave him and let it go!
JosephKahn -And that’s why I work with @chrisbrown. What a loving tribute to MJ

@KianaAngelica said: To everyone..famous or not…Thank you SO much for supporting Chris Brown right now..I know that ALL of #TeamBreezy (the ones who have been there) is so happy, proud, and honeslty we are feeling so many emotions right now…we have seen this in him and we never gave up on him..NEVER..through all of his trials and tribulations..we have remained his fans..I can say that I have been there from DAY 1..never strayed from his path and have remained loyal..June 27th 2010 will be a day that #TeamBreezy and Chris Brown will remember :)
ChrisBrownWeb -RT @CarlosDuque: I agree. He didn’t have to prove himself because he’s always been beyond talented, he just had to remind everyone I guess.
TheRealJordin -@chrisbrown incredible & so touching. You belong on a stage. Can’t wait to see what’s next. :)
@Mzlollipop22: RT @chrisbrown: Ive never done it for the industry or approval of my peers(other artists) i do it for u… everyone else can just follow
ChipmunkArtist -I heard @ChrisBrown absolutely murdered the BET awards… I’m happy for him!!! There’s no other like him! The boy is TOO TALENTED!
teamwhodaat -@chrisbrown you did yourself and everybody else proud Michael can finally rest in peace i know he was looking down on you last night smiling
CUTIESMILEY1990 -@GenevaWrites Awwww everyone was!!! Im so proud of him..
iamhot2definc -Quote from @chrisbrown “I let my fans down once and I won’t do it again” – everyone better respect the kidd. Took a man to say that.
So many more I can’t possibly post them all however the out cry of joy and pure expression of happiness that Chris Brown was not only able to restore the legend to Michael Jackson through his tribute, but he gave us all a moment in history to mark down. Where were you when Chris Brown gave us all a night to remember and tributes the greatest of all time? Michael’s family backstage surrounded young Chris and embraced him, they wanted this tribute for a  longtime  along with the fans. However the timing couldn’t have been better, and now it’s been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s talented, has a heart, and never can be shut down! Calling out his fan’s #TEAMBREZZY sent all fans into overdrive and wanting even more so for the world to see why they held on so tight! Well Chris Brown let that smile shine for us all, God bless your heart I know Michael is smiling and so proud of you!  He get’s to live on, and we get the next generation of what music, entertainment, and performances  are  suppose to be!


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