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After Midnight Productions Interview
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Thanks so much for your time, and agreeing to this interview?
After Midnight Productions: Not a problem, Thanks for the interview.
Geneva: Now After Midnight Productions was established in 2003 correct? Who are the founders?
AMP: Yes, Sean Fields and Myself (Damon Humphrey)
Geneva: When it comes to artist what does AMP look for?
AMP: Artist with unique sound, the hunger to get a project done, and one who is self motivated, one who is not looking for a hand out,but willing to put in work. 

Geneva: What is the biggest mistake upcoming artist make when it comes to a label?
AMP: In my opinion, a lot of upcoming artist feel they need to say how “hot” they are. They brag too much on themselves. They need to let their music speak if it’s that “hot”.
Geneva: What is the proper way for an artist to get discovered or even heard by a record label?
AMP: In my opinion, a lot of artists utilize youtube, myspace (despite people saying its dead), especially twitter, because you can reach out to far more people. Also entering talent shows, and other show type venues.
Geneva: Being a CEO for AMP can you take us through a typical day for you?
AMP: A typical day right now, consists of getting up at 6 every morning, checking my email,  chat with my business partner, handle the school thing also, and then later on in the afternoon/evening, network, make music, return phone calls, and consistently update my website and when its possible, studio sessions.
Geneva: When you hear a beat what makes it a hit for you?
AMP: It has to move me.
Geneva: When it comes to music and song selection what's the hardest part about picking the right song?
AMP: Well you never know what song the audience will like, you might decide to pick “a” and they completely hate it.
Geneva: I don't know if you can go into great detail, but can you tell us about upcoming projects?
AMP: As of right now, AMP is featured on an R&B Soul singers album from MD, by the name of Ameerah The Songstress, the album is called “How I feel” which is on I tunes , and I am pushing my own production album on I tunes called “After Midnight Productions presents The Works”, which features artists from CA all the way to NY. I put this album together with a team of different producers.
Geneva: What makes AMP different from other labels?
AMP: We actually care about the artist...even though what the artist presents is a product, and let's face it a product has to be put on the market in order to succeed. The person themselves is not a product and shouldn’t be treated as one or as if a number on a roster, but this artist has actual feelings and idea's and concepts themselves about where their career is going, and that's what we try to convey to them.

Geneva: When it comes to artist trying to break into the industry what's the best advice you can give them?
AMP: Be yourself, don’t try and copy what’s already out there. Make a name for yourself and they will be asking about you, they will be trying to get in contact with you.
Geneva: What's the hardest part about breaking an artist into mainstream?
AMP: Because the industry nowadays is so cookie cutter..everybody looks the same and sounds the same..the industry as a abundance of the "Britney spears”, the boy-bands,the minute rapper’s, so that when you do come with something different you get denied!!..Because you don’t fit into that mold, which never made any since to me because I thought the mainstream was looking for something different. I guess not. But that's just my

Geneva: After Midnight Productions presents "The Works" was released in April of 2010 what was the inspiration behind this project?
AMP: Well, I had older material that I wanted to release on a new project and also I have dealt with some artists lately who were hungry and wanted to contribute to this album. And not only that, it features nothing but AMP produced material with the assistance of other producers I’ve worked with over the years. And the big thing, it is sample free.
Geneva: When it comes to an album, mixtape, or even a single can you take us through the steps it takes?
AMP: well first with me it all starts with the music,without music your not going to have a mixtape or a single,or a album,so first comes the music.....making sure I got something hot!!..then comes the artist..whether it be contacting artist I've used before or just scouting out new talent...then comes the writing process,studio time,marketing plan and last but not least promotions.

Geneva: What's the best way for an artist to get music heard by an A&R?
AMP: Get yourself a manager...someone who's going to work for you, make the calls, hit the pavement, network, actually nowadays A&R people hit the pavement as well looking, so you never know who's going to see you...and that’s why you need a good manager in your corner someone who's going to set up the venues so a artist can be seen.

Geneva: What was the defining moment for AMP? When did you realize that the label was a hit?
AMP: I’ll give you was having one of our songs actually hit mainstream and get airplay and the other was working with Ameerah the Songstress who in her own right has done some fantastic things from singing lead vocals for legendary Chaka Khan, to touring all over the country..Oh shout out to Kimmy K, DJ ABBICO...."It A’int My Fault” is the song receiving airplay.

Geneva: Now AMP is located in San Francisco, CA what's the benefit to being located in California?
AMP: Well there have always been 2 locations; music Mecca’s if you will....New York and California...these places are the heart of the music industry.

Geneva: What's the most complicated part about being a producer?
AMP: Going through the heap of crap to find those “right” connects and those “right” artists, being disrespected by people who never even been in a studio, or even worked remotely with any artists, the competition to stand out because there are a lot producers out there. So it’s trying to find that “brand new” sound to stand out.
Geneva: What is the most rewarding part about being a producer?
AMP: The reaction that I’ve gotten when people hear our production for the first time, not knowing who the artist is or who I am but really enjoying something fresh and new.

Geneva: Based off your experiences and expertise in the business what's the biggest key artist need to be successful in the industry?
AMP: There are successful jokes in the industry, and they make a whole lot of money, so it’s hard for me to answer that question right now. LOL
Geneva: Being a CEO of AMP what's the biggest lessons you have had to learn?
AMP: Patience and Persistence is key in this business. You win some, you lose some, but you got to keep pushing forward, because you never know who is watching you. 
Geneva: Who do you inspire to collaborate with?
AMP: Pretty much anyone who has a strong drive and are about their business and has the same goal in mind.
Geneva: In one phrase or word can you describe AMP?
AMP: Unique
Geneva: So what can we look forward to from the artist on you label?
AMP: I don’t have any artists on my label per se, but you best believe you will continue to hear new collaborations from After Midnight Productions
Geneva: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview. Is there anything you would like to say before we go? Also don't forget to tell the people where to find you?
AMP: Thanks again for considering After Midnight Productions for this interview. Look out for future collaborations and new projects that are being situated now. You can find more information about After Midnight Productions @ , follow me on twitter @amp_studios and also you can contact me for business opportunities @

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