Wednesday, June 23, 2010


CoCo && Breezy collection has added a new line to their very innovated, creative, and stylish line! 20/20 collection these twins has revolutionized the way we see eye-wear! The line was launched to the public and the demands are rolling for more, and you have seen many famous people flocking to this bold innovation of eye-wear! CoCo && Breezy are not afraid to be different or to push the envelope and explore the wide range of design! Planet C&& B has just what you need that's different and fresh that will peak the conversation in any room! This new line is not your average eye-wear however when you want to stand out who wants to do it average? These to young ladies stepped out on a dream, that many questioned and even doubted but look at them now these two have taken designer eye-wear by storm and stole all our hearts in the process! They were featured in Metro Magazine when they were just eighteen years old.They proven then that fashion was what they made it ( ) They have come along way since then now being a leading household industry name! Then you being featured in as a designer feature spot these two young ladies were nineteen when they were featured here ( ) Now at the age of twenty these two have launched their new line of eye-wear! So stay tuned and hold on tight because it's only going to get more intriguing from here!

CoCo && Breezy:

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