Monday, January 25, 2010

MISS NEVA INC.- Services I offer!

I am a personal writer for hire. I was wondering if you were looking for someone to help you keep people informed or maybe to help you with posts and misquotations. I have numerous samples of my work which I can make available to you.  

      I have a wide range of talents/skills needed for you're writing needs. I am willing to travel for job assignments and would love to get more involved in covering events. Traveling to major events to generate more press for tours, parties, even fashion shows. I can cover photo-shoots and behind the scenes interviewing with up and coming models.

      I also write songs, for all genres of music. I have a business partner so together we can provide services for your clients that need a tour guide or just assistance with any specials requests.  

      We can assist in helping to find the hottest clubs and spots to visit while in town a type of concierge if you may.

      I have noticed that many artists are not interviewed or shown around town while on tour, however I think that is about to change for the better with my assistance. Divas Guide does just that we will hit all the hot spots scouting out where you should be seen. Besides that we will provide the tour guide services, so you cannot only enjoy the state you're in but meet and greet with fans.  

      We can do interviews and behind the scene footage of concerts, events, parties and even charity work. We are willing to travel and checkout the latest hot spots to make sure they will fit your standards. We can rate not only the clubs, hotels, and even restaurants alongside hot spots to help you relax.  

      Our services are the best and finest, with prices that are beyond worth paying for the tour guides with flair, ambition, drive but most importantly business goal oriented women.

      You will not be disappointed and receive the best services we can provide. Where truth and image can be done the right way and every celebrity no matter the form of entertainment from movies to music is supported and respected.

Services include:
Tour Guide Services  

In depth behind the scene views
Music/Movie Reviews
Model write up's
Talent write up's  

Party/Concert/Event Reviews
Fashion Reviews
Fashion show Reviews
Party/Event promoters 

Spokes people
Party/Event hostess
Song writers
Editorial Writer

Entertainment scouts - (checking out the hottest spots for clients)
Photo-shoots/ Video Shoots behind the scene footage
Personal Assistance
Music Video Assistance/ behind the scene footage
Advertisement  and many more services upon request . . .
Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Geneva Relf
Geneva Relf

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