Saturday, January 23, 2010


He took us all by storm with his mixtape "The World Is A Cartoon" the mostly anticipated mixtape. Many questions his ability and wondered what exactly he would produce! Khleo not only proved that he was ready for the music game, but that he was changing it for the better! Giving music fans everywhere there beloved music with feeling again.Now for those who already knew he had skills it was only time before they could say "I Told You So". He has even been called the remix KING and from the sound of it proves them wrong! This young man did all this on his own, and he puts the connections together and pretty much did it alone. I will not ever tell him something cannot be done. This young man has changed the way music is expressed and given us all back the love for music! So enjoy and if you do not have the mixtape you're beyond missing out!We knew he could act, even knew he had the musical talent but for the first time the numbers back up the facts!

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