Monday, January 25, 2010


Q: What do you think is the hardest part about breaking into the industry?

A: Well, I feel like since everything is going digital you have to now switch up your plan on what you wanna do as far as marketing and everything that come with putting together a solid project.

Q: The protest that took place at the radio stations for equal play, do you think it had a impact?

A: Not yet i havent seen anything change, I think its goin to tke a couple more events like that to take place for anything to change in a major way, but I def. get much respect  to the artist that put together the first protest.

Q: Why do you think Local stations don't play a lot of local artist, but the same artist over and over?

A: Radio stations have became more politics that actually spinning good music,the major labels control everything
so unless you have a serious buzz the radio is hard to break threw but it can be done.

Q: Do you think if more artist in the industry stood behind the protest it would change things?

A: Of course, with that many artist fighting for one thing how could we lose? Radio stations wouldn't have no choice but to spin local artist because it would be in demand.

Q: Who do you think is more to blame the Dj's, Radio Stations Directors, or maybe the material artist want played?

A: I would def. blame the program directors its not the dj's fault the program director controls everything coming to the station.

Q: Listening to Snoop Dogg's comments he was passionate about playing local talent, Why do you think he's so passionate about this?

A: I think he's so passionate because he been in that position before , he's knows how hard it is for local to get airplay and he know how much good music out there that people haven't heard.

Q: Do you think that money is a factor or is image a factor behind the lack of playing local artist?

A: I would say money plays a good roll in alot of situations , but if a artist has a hottest enough song and this buzz is right on it the radio wont havent no choice but to play it  and thats my plan.

Q: Take me through a typical day of networking and doing business in the industry?

A: Everyday is pretty much the same thing for me trying to meet new people that could help my position , whether it going to showcase open mics etc. whatever has to be done i do it.

Q: Do think maybe the public isn't ready for all the new sounds in music? Do you think Perhaps maybe the new generation of music is too much for radio's?

A: Not really, I think theres two different waves of hiphop coming in we have "the hippsters" and we have the other artist just making dancing songs thats radio friendly.

Q: What is the other alternative if radio's won't play local artist?

A:There's a million different ways you just have to find your lane, the route im taking is goin hard with these mixtapes its a easy way for a local artist to showcase what type of music there doing.

Q: Do you think radio's have lost the bigger picture? What if the artist they are not playing get signed to a major label, or what if these artist are already signed but need the play?

A:Once you get signed to a major label they pretty much handle the radio so that shouldn't be a problem for a artist with a deal

Q: Do you think that radio stations should offer special slots for upcoming local artist to be played on air?

A: Ya there's already a segment on a New Orleans station Q93 , its called 504 radio every Sunday from 7-9 hosted by wild Wayne.

Q: Many local artist are claiming that's the money not the talent, so if it's all about the money does that mean it triumphs over talents?

A: It all depends on your situation money can only help a artist so far, if there's no good music at the end of the day it wont work.

Q: Do you think that because Radio stations aren't playing local talent they are missing out on a bigger market?

A: Yes, most def. when you count out local artist you automatically missing out on a lot.

Q: Being an upcoming artist on the Rise what advice would you give to other artists not in your shoe yet?

A: The only advice I give is stayed prayed up and work hard that's what got me here and it wont fail ya.

Q: What do you think is the biggest hurtle for those breaking into the music industry? 

A: For me it was finding my lane, meaning what marketing did I wanna appeal to mostly but I have everything in order and lined up now.

Q: If you could make three major changes to the music game what would they be and why?

A: I would let local artist get more airplay, I wouldn't let majors control the whole hip-hop scene, and I would make it easier for locals to get notice in there city.


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