Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Over the decades many artist recreate themselves from album to album, and even most times from singles to singles. In the past decade many heavy hitters have gone solo furthermore independant from the industry stigma creating their own labels. Rapper Obie Trice is no different creating his own path just like his music it’s beyond powerful, and the fans have really responded to his newest work! Obie Trice is known for taking the lyrical road to express emotion, circumstance and even intention to capture his audience, and vast growing fan base! His recent release “Bottoms Up” had the fans buzzing over his return to music, and collaborations that reminded many of real rap! His single off the album “Spill My Drink” has been a fans dream from the lyrical explosion of motivation beyond his personal felt conversation on the track. The music video even had it’s very personal edge that many flocked to and are generating towards constantly. Then taking it further he teamed up with rapper Eminem for “Richard” this track is a must hear according to the fans, saying “It’s the very regrouping of lyrical originality from both artist, we’ve longed to hear from again!”  However my timeline blew up with “Battle Cry” featuring Adrian Rezza as one of the greatest tracks on the album many proclaimed. Then “Dear Lord” , “I Pretend” and “Going Nowhere” also resonated with the fans that long awaited the album! Even “BME Up” has a great out pour of fans backing this track up as well, and with Obie Trice working on his next album “The Hangover” he’s decided to give fans a taste of what’s coming for them “No Disrespect” is the title of the leaked track by Obie Trice on his birthday (November 14th). After speaking with Obie Trice he’s expressed his intention for great music, and touring which he’ll be doing soon in Australia, but hes limiting himself from the states even willing to take on a 50 state tour! However he deeply expressed it’s all in the works within the music! He’s even opened up about his independent move toward his label and success of where he plans to see it headed and beyond! However you be the judge and express your feelings for “Bottoms Up” and your long awaited view on his upcoming album “The Hangover” please be sure to checkout “No Disrespect”  which was leaked by Obie Trice himself!

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