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Geneva: Thanks you for your time, I know your extremely busy schedule. But how are doing today?

LLuvi Johnson: Hello Geveva, I’m well & excited to speak with you!

Geneva: Now first off before we get into the heart of this interview. I want to clear up some things; you're not in the music industry correct?

LLuvi Johnson: Not any longer, I’m currently on the Media Side of the business, Production, Staffing & Casting for Music videos and actually I’m focusing more on my current position at OpenVision Networks as VP of operations and a Network Owner.

Geneva: However you’re no stranger to this business, in many rights you’re an empire of a self-made woman. How do you keep out of the hype or drama of this business? 

LLuvi Johnson: I stay in my role as “Auntie”!  People just want to feel like someone believes in them, So I try to be the shoulder to lean on & not judge.   Plus I do my job and go home, I don’t hang out at clubs or go to industry parties unless it’s business…

Geneva: Now for those unfamiliar with "OPENVISION NETWORK" which is the revolution to entertainment, can you explain more about it in details?

LLuvi Johnson: Open Vision is the NEWEST form of broadcast technology.  We are an International Multichannel TV Distributor; with technology that supersedes Linear Television, Cable, Hulu Plus, Zeebox and all others combined.   Picture it this way, traditional cable connects thou Digital boxes and cable wires, satellite tv, thru satellite dishes & OpenVision connects thou cyber space on any   WiFi/Broadband device, Smart Phones, Computers, tablets, smart TV’s.  Once connected, you are in cyberspace, with multiple channels NOT video clips.  What’s so special about our cable, 1: we are available in every country in the world and we are completely free with no equipment to buy!

Geneva: Plus it's very social active, and launching consumers to the networks, fundraisers, and even ads are now at the fingertips literally.  However you’re constantly connected to your viewer numbers as well right?  

LLuvi Johnson: Yes with our Technology, we have point to purchase advertising, without interruption of the commercial or show.  Ex: Let’s say you’re watching T.I & Tiny and they have a scene with T.I. in the studio…you can click the show logo on the screen and purchase the song in the background, without interruption of the program!  We have certainly superseded any cable, internet or linear TV competition!

Geneva: You are truly the media queen of revelation, can you tell us a little about your team and the different shows among networks featured on "OpenVision" Networks?

LLuvi Johnson: Well you are getting an exclusive because we have not gone public yet and can’t announce any of the Networks right now! The only Network I can speak about at this time is Soulja Boy TV since he has already went public with his purchase…Soulja boy being a technology geek, appreciated the Value of this new technology and wanted to be the first of the Music world to jump on board. So look out for Soulja Boy TV real soon.

Geneva: Now this is normally where I'll ask for advice, what’s the biggest mistake made for upcoming business people? 

LLuvi Johnson: Not knowing your target Market and Giving up to soon. They say it takes at least 5 yrs for any business to become completely profitable! 

Geneva: What changes have you seen personally or overall in media, that's been for the better? 

LLuvi Johnson: Although I’m not in Music now, that is my background and I’m fairly new to what I’m doing in Media, so I’m not sure if I can answer that objectively!

Geneva: You've accomplished so much in your career; my question is what's next for you & "OPENVISION" NETWORK?

LLuvi Johnson: Well, being an entrepreneur you know my hands are in a lot of things! Let’s talk about two that are in motion.  Latasha Marrow and myself are working on a new Hair Weave Line called “RocKandy” that I’m super excited about!  We have Quick Weave Kits with special tricks!  Fantasy Hair and transformer Hair Pieces!! Then I’m working on manufacturing an exercise piece of equipment called “Firm Pro” that is WONDERFUL!!

As far as Open Vision, that is simple…we plan to change the face of television as you know it!  

Geneva: Your known for your motivation and great advice, being a woman in the business what's the most Impactful advice you can give to other women? 

LLuvi Johnson: Never give up and stay true to yourself and your values most importantly! 

Geneva: Those who haven't heard yet TEN11 is the ultimate one stop shop for talent. Can you tell us a little  more about TEN11?

LLuvi Johnson: Well we are not a talent agency; My Company is TEN11 Creative, under this umbrella I consultant and build strategies for various types of companies, not just music.  Also, I do Media Staffing & Casting, Providing staffing support services to all Media situations, Commercials, Music Videos, and TV & Movies.  We are like a temporary agency for media industry, if a boom operator gets sick on set call me and I’ll send a new one!

Geneva: Thanks again, I'm always humbled by you and now even more so a fan of your wisdom and work. Is there anything you'd like to add before we go?

LLuvi Johnson: Thank you Geneva, I’m so sorry it took so long for us to connect. I’d like you speak to the young people trying to be in the Music business.  Social Networks can be your Platform or your Downfall!  You have to remember the industry is more business than music... If there is NO BUSINESS your MUSIC is just a hobby. Please conduct yourself in a decent fashion on Social Networking sites watch what you say and post, Have a business page and a Personal PRIVATE page that you can rant and rave all you want!  DO NOT PUT PERSONAL OPINIONS ON YOUR BUSINESS PAGE!  

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