Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kevin McCall - Taking Music By Storm

Kevin McCall has taken the music industry by storm! This young man has been working his way up into some major hits! He's collaborated with many big names and hit the studios with some of the most innovative artist! We first really got a major dose of what he could do when he teamed up with Chris Brown for the mixtape "In My Zone" which was a valentines treat for many fans and music lovers! Then we saw Kevin again on the recent released mixtape collaboration between Chris Brown and Tyga! The mixtape was entitled "Fan of a Fan" Kevin even appeared on the hot buzzing track "Deuces" the video was amazing on many levels and shows that Kevin is here to stay! Kevin McCall has recently dropped many tracks that have the ladies buzzing, and generating a fan base that's excited for more! Furthermore Kevin is a wide range of talents from Producer,Writer, Rapper, Singer, so look out is all I have to say this young man is talking the industry by storm! 2010 seems to be the year of major break through and comebacks!

The beat is beautiful, and the song starts off and you can tell where it's headed! His voice is smooth and the ladies are going to enjoy this track! The title says it all and enough said, you'll be pulled in from the opening lyrics. Explicit lyrics so pleased be advised! 

This song is a sweet song for when your with someone who is so different from you! However it works the way you agree and disagree it's not always a pleasant road but it's the one for you too! The beat flows with the lyrics. Sometimes in a relationship you get with someone who is so opposite from you however you can't imagine being with anyone else. 

The beat sets the ton for this track you can tell by the beat the song is going to move you! Then the lyrics start and your tuned in and you begin to think back on your love and the past ones in it! How when it's too late to make it work and all you can do is take the road that's painful and walk away!  When you love them however the fighting is just too much and it seems like you don't want to take the blame or give blame but you know it's not right between you too! You have to just look at them and take deep breath and walk away making "THE LAST KISS" the sweetest! 

Another track where we get a chance to hear more vocals from Kevin! This a pop culture track however it just goes to show his range! All artist should be versatile in their craft and this track is self explanatory no questions needed for this one!   However it a fun track and easy listen so enjoy it and download if you really like! 

This track is enough said from the title, he's ready for it and he doesn't want to wake you but he just wants to have you! And he's ready to make your body scream and you can be mad in the morning but tonight just let him have you! He's ready for you and he's waking you up with the loving he's been craving by seeing and feeling you next to him! Kevin show us ladies for the second time that he has what it takes to make us blush and want more! His voice is soothing on this track so download and enjoy hey you might have to pace yourself!


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