Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010's Hottest Artist - KHLEO THOMAS

"Lost" was released on the video debuted today! The video was Directed by Alex Nazari from BLKDMNDS. ( )  the video is just the beginning of this young man's story! Khleo Thomas he's proving why he shouldn't be underestimated anymore! This young man had a dream at a young age to be in movies, and well mission accomplished! Now he's on to the next level however what many don't realize is that music was always apart of Khleo Thomas, however it's starting to buzz that this young man is coming for those who are sleeping on his skills! Khleo Thomas is one of  the hardest working young man in the business today, he's paid his dues and even did things alone to prove he deserves to be here! This mixtape "The World Is A Cartoon" ( ) debuted and the fan went crazy, in fact within hours the downloads where record breaking. This young man did it and on his own he said he would and he did bring music that the fans love to hear and can relate too! Every song tells a story and leads you into his world however if you listen close enough it's your world too, just told in worlds you couldn't find! "I'm Still"  (was directed by: M2thak )is another hit track that he released and the buzz on twitter has been beyond crazy the fans want more and the ladies well! The ladies can't get enough of him, and they always want more and more, furthermore the wait drives them crazy but it's the anticipation of greatness that's makes it worth while! "I'm Feenin" was just one of many tracks that drove the ladies crazy! "In My Soul" another great track however I can go on and on but the proof is in the lyrics so make sure you listen closely you don't want to blink either you'll miss out!
I'm Still - (

 In My Soul - ( )

 Save Your Love - ( )

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