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Sweet Rags- Where High Fashion Lives

Sweet Rags Where High Fashion Lives
When it comes to fashion you want the latest and the hottest trend. When it comes to style Sweet Rags has it all and is available for all types of trends! Fashion is about bold statements and making you feel confident in what you wear. That outfit that sets you apart from everyone else in the room, and makes you the VIP of the party. Sweet Rags is customized for those that want fashion and accessories to set the tone for their day or night, but don't take my word for check the style for yourself. 

Sweet Rags Interview
By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Thanks for agreeing to this interview today! How are you doing?

Sweet Rags: Hi, no thank you so much I'm doing fine!

Geneva: Now for those not yet introduced to Sweet Rags can you introduce them?

Sweet Rags: Sweet Rags is a High-End Online Fashion website for ladies of all ages.

Geneva: Who are the creators behind Sweet Rags?

Sweet Rags:  Me and my customers.  

Geneva: When it comes to fashion what is the most important thing to remember?

Sweet Rags: Be comfortable in anything you wear.

Geneva:  Now what makes Sweet Rags the cutting edge of fashion?

Sweet Rags: Our style of fashion is just not one trend we our chameleons CHAMELEONS !
Geneva: When it comes to trends what is an oldie but goodie?

Sweet Rags: Well I really don't follow too many trends but I L.O.V.E sequin!!! It just makes you feel so sexy and glam!

Geneva: What is the one piece of clothing every women should own?

Sweet Rags: Every women needs a jacket a lot of women don't own jackets any style of jacket it could be a Blazer,or a leather jacket.

Geneva: When it comes to fashion is it possible to go too far?
Sweet Rags: Yes you can adding and putting too many things together!

Geneva: What is the one trend that made a comeback that you never saw coming back into mainstream?
Sweet Rags: I'm not surprise what will come back!

Geneva: What is the next level for Sweet Rags?

Sweet Rags: The next level is World Wide sales I would like to be Bigger and Better than forever 21.

Geneva: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Sweet Rags: Yes fashion is my passion in life it makes me so happy!

Geneva: What do you think summer fashion will bring? What colors do you think will stand out this summer?

Sweet Rags: Summer fashion will bring lots of colors and everything will be short the color this summer is fuchsia pink.
Geneva: Can you give me your top ten fashionista's and why?

Sweet Rags: I like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Demi Moore, and  Marilyn Monroe I like over the top people.

Geneva: What are on your must have list?

Sweet Rags: Dresses,shorts,skirts,jewelry,jumpsuit and cute tops!

Geneva: What advice would you give to upcoming designers or stylist?
Sweet Rags: When you jump into this career make sure you love it and have your own mind about fashion.
Geneva: What is the proper way to accessorize a outfit?

Sweet Rags: Accessorize the way you feel with your outfit because everybody is different.
Geneva: What puts the finishing touches on a outfit?

Sweet Rags: Your shoes,jewelry and if your wearing a jacket can help make your outfit sometimes.
Geneva: Can you take us through a day in life of Sweet Rags?

Sweet Rags: A day and life of Sweet Rags is seeing people everyday and talking about fashion and picking out the news and hottest clothes and also working hard.

Geneva: Can you tell us of any upcoming projects?

Sweet Rags: We are doing fashion and making appease and styling people.
Geneva: Thanks so much for you time, and agreeing to this interview! Is there anything you would like to add before we go? Also don't forget to tell us where to find you!

Sweet Rags: I love everybody who help support Sweet Rags and thank you so much You can find us at


  1. Sweet Rags clothing are super cute and affordable! Nice interview! Keep up the good work Spring



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