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Ricky Jewelz - The Interview

Ricky Jewelz Interview 
When The Lime Light is Shinning
Interview By: Geneva Relf 

Geneva: Ricky first off thank you for taking the time out to do this interview today!

Ricky Jewelz: No problem thank yall!

Geneva: It's impossible I know, but for those who haven't heard of Ricky Jewelz can you tell them what they are mission out on?

Ricky Jewelz:  Rick Jewelz Colorado born, LA resident. Artist/Producer/Songwriter

Geneva: Now I understand that your from Denver, Colorado correct?

Ricky Jewelz: yurpp Denver by way of Aurora

Geneva: Now how did you get started in the music business? Who were your musical inspirations?

Ricky Jewelz:  I started writing lyrics at 6 years old, and started making my own tapes at 8 years old, and just been going ever since. Some influences of mine are Dr. Dre, Snoop, Jay Z, Kanye West, etc.

Geneva: If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be and why?

Ricky Jewelz: Workaholic. All I do is work on music. I even go to school to be an engineer. So all the hours I'm awake I'm working on music.

Geneva: Now "The Rebellion" was your first album project how did that come about?

Ricky Jewelz: I just always would do mixtapes and then a DJ finally decided to host one of mine, thus the Rebellion was made.

Geneva: Now you recently worked with Gucci Mane what was that like? How did this collaboration come about?

Ricky Jewelz:  It was coo, track came out dope. But it originally started as a mixtape track on my "I didn't Know That vol.2" mixtape. But people were saying I should get Gucci Mane on it. Made a few calls and made it happen.

Geneva: Now you don't just rap, I understand that you also produce and a songwriter? Do you think that gives you an advantage in the music game?

Ricky Jewelz: Yeah I definitely think it gives me an advantage in the music game because not all artist do all those things, or excel at all of them. My strong suit is in writing, I'm a lyrical artist so writing for different genres and different artist is easy for me.

Geneva: What is coming up for you next, where can we see you or hear from you?

Ricky Jewelz: Up next we got my "The WAIT mixtape" and after that we got "The ARRIVAL mixtape" one hosted by DJ Messiah and one hosted by DJ CapCom. We also got the "Money'N'Girlz" video coming soon featuring my homie Spark Dawg. So look for me on your radios and TV's this summer.

Geneva: Who do you hope to work with in the future or collaborate with again?

Ricky Jewelz: In the future I hope to work with Kanye West, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, etc. Hope to work with Fabolous again, along with Rich Hil, and Freck.

Geneva: Now the ladies want to know are you single or just career focused right now?

Ricky Jewelz: I'm single, and always career focused. But still got time for lovely young lady ;).

Geneva: What do you do to relax, it's been a long day in the studio on the road. What do you to calm down and just come back to center?

Ricky Jewelz:  To relax I'll usually chill back and smoke a blunt, maybe watch a movie, or read the Bible.

Geneva: What is the most difficult part about being young in the industry?

Ricky Jewelz: A lot of people are gonna test you, to see how good you are at what you do. They underestimate until you give them a reason to respect you.

Geneva: What advice would you give for the next upcoming producer, or rap artist that want the lime light?

Ricky Jewelz: Grind hard, don't sleep, keep God first in everything you do.

Geneva: Thank you so much for your time and is there anything you would like to say before we go?

Ricky Jewelz:  Anytime. But shouts to F.F.E/GMB Starr Scream, Street Fam, and all the fans, and of course yall for the interview!

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