Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lil Dee & DJ Arsenal - The Spokesman (Mixtape)

The Spokesman is finally here, and has 16 nonstop tracks that bring music back to the high point! Lil Dee always brings the tracks that make music come to life in a way that tells a story. Making music the focus as the lyrics wash over your ears and sets the tone for the atmosphere of great music to consume your attention!  Lil Dee has been working hard on this mixtape but then again when it's your dream and passion it's not considered work, but fun. Every track is a hit and nonstop continuous play and you'll want to replay over and over again! However they say the proof is in the pudding so listen for yourself and download some of the greatest music to come to life today! Straight from New Orleans and was even called "The Future of New Orleans" by T.I the King himself! Spokesman the introduction the very start of the mixtape grabs your attention and holds it there. Then you have Searchin we have all been there, the beat is amazing but the organic original lyrics is what really pulls you to want more from this track! N.O Girl this track is a must hear and stand up for the ladies in New Orleans women. Soul Ain't 4 Sale enough said but a track that many can identify with and can just sit back bobbing your head and enjoy! Then you have the hit maker track City Lights that had me speechless but love because it reminds you of music in it's purest form! Never let Go ft. Snipe this track is hot and giving the listeners what they want a track that goes hard for it's listeners! However it's BadHabit that will put you in a place that makes you think and reflect back on the world we live in, with the simple message that we all have problems. Play My Song ft. Twinn & Fatt this track concludes the mixtape but it's a great end to a great mixtape! So enjoy and download some of the greatest music coming out of New Orleans today!Numbers don't lie already reaching 6,883 downloads the fans must know something you don't, if you haven't already downloaded this mixtape! 

Download Link :

Addicted Freestyle - Lil Dee

Soul Ain't 4 Sale- Lil Dee

City Lights -Lil Dee 

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