Monday, May 24, 2010



Video Debut Chris Brown 'No Bullshit' from Gloob Marketing on Vimeo.

  The color set's the tone, the old Hollywood smoky vibe, as Chris Brown sits on the couch the beat starts and your hooked. As he stands in the corner of the room the spotlight hits me just as the songs beings to build! You can just tell that the special lady is in for a treat! The roof top was sexy the dancing in the dark as the beat washes over him, the anticipation builds with every clip! For those who don't know this is the first leading lady Chris Brown has kissed in a video! It was well worth the wait, this young man is now beyond grown an sexy!The Song was first heard off the IN MY ZONE mixtape,  Bull Sh*t features Kevin McCall and ladies his voice is sexy!The sexiness from the tattoo's and Chris Brown taking his time not rushing the video, his facial expressions is taking all the attention! Chris Brown treats her like it's her special night, the fashion in the video very SEXY!! The suspenders, the shades very classic gangster, but yet you get that vibe it's dangerous in a great way! Not to mention the shower scene, the orgasmic four-play all factors in this video! Well this video was the second video released this week by Chris Brown the first video has been generating a buzz to hard to ignore!


Deuces is the newest track off the hit mixtape "Fan of a Fan" which Chris Brown teamed up with Young Money's own Tyga and generated the summer's hottest mixtape! Deuces is that track you play when you have had enough, the drama has taken it's toll! Famous lines by Tyga "My heart is big but it beats quite."  or even "Trying to see eye to eye but we both blind." We have have all been there and this track just says what you didn't or couldn't! The classic black and white theme was timeless but yet it was the energy that really made this video! Kevin McCall says "All that attitude I don't care about, but all that Sh*t I do for her you gone hear about it." Chris Brown says it all "Always hoping for the worse,always waiting for me to fuck up, you'll regret the day I find another girl." or "I know you mad but so what." The whole video is breath taking Chris Brown has raised the bar on dancing for dancers every where in this video! Chris Brown is flying in some parts, but the whole tunnel and underground vibe only adds to the suspense of the video! Even the ripping of the shirt in the dark you can feel the liberation from here! Those flips wow speechless if there was ever any doubt in the minds this video squashed them all! So enjoy and tell those in your life that are just taking up space "DEUCES I'm  moving on to something better!" The video was very sexy TYGA, CHRIS BROWN, KEVIN McCALL all did their thing in this track no wonder greatness sounds so good!

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