Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thirtheenth Annual Best Buddies Gala

Last Night in Miami Florida Best Buddies hosted their annual gala, and special guest performer Chris Brown Headlined the show! For those who don't know the fan appreciation tour is serving several different purposes, and  Chris Brown isn't just doing it for the fans he loves and missed. He is also donating the proceeds of these concerts to Best Buddies and Genesis both great organization. Best Buddies is an organization for those that have a mental and physical disability handicap. This organization brings people together and shows that we all need a little and are special once you know us!  The organization was first founded back in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver, and this is a non-profit organization. The original and still standing purpose was to build one-one friendship through global volunteers, and integrating employment and leadership skills. For those with intellectually and developmental disabilities. I have volunteered myself, and it's a worthy organization to be apart of and support! Last night was the 13th annual Best Buddies Gala and it was Miami Florida that had the honor of hosting it last night. The Gala was celebrating the 20th International anniversary, and it was an event to attend and support.The event also showcased and launch the campaign "Spread the word to End the word:" which is the movement to end the dehumanizing, and prejudge notion of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This was launched by the youth to end the use of the R-word which is retarded and start looking at them as the people they are not who we prejudge them to be!
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