Saturday, August 18, 2012

Professional Skateboarder Darren Harper : Gives back HOPE



“It’s not where you're from, but where you’re headed” or 
“Your past doesn't predestine your future you do!”

These are just a few timeless quotes that are proven true to professional skateboarder Darren Harper. When it comes to highlighting those in the celebrity limelight that are giving back we often forget to appreciate the struggle it took behind their efforts! Darren Harper is not only closing  the gap in a sport dominated by the stigma we don’t belong, but he’s giving an outlet to those who didn’t know life provides other options outside of conflict and struggle! Recently Darren Harper graced Providence,Rhode Island with a skateboard camp, and the cost absolutely free! The first camp was in Washington, D.C. he’s gained many names thanks to his fans "Floyd Mayweather of skateboarding" or “Obama of skateboarding” Darren’s goal is to promote his success through skateboarding. He understands that not every youth has a basketball hero, or musical aspirations but just needs a positive outlet to remind them anything is possible regardless of your environment! For most inner-city urban youth drugs, gangs, guns, and crime come with the sun rising, however Darren Harper is shedding light on paths outside of cultural stigmas. 

Skateboarding in many respects wasn’t considered an “Afro-American” sport just the concept of a board on wheels, has captured many, exposing a world many didn’t realize was explorable. Furthermore Darren Harper doesn’t expect everyone to pick up a board, but he does want to open the door to dreams, hardworking ambition to be greater than expected! I recently interviewed Mr. Harper his back story alone should be inspirational from the drug game to skateboarding and giving back! Showing many that it’s not always how you start your journey, but how you choose to finish and be remembered! A free skateboarding camp might not produce the next level of skateboarders, or sponsored athletes. However it can produce a passion in new outlets for a young mind to obtain many dreams. It might produce a parents last hope to encourage their child away from a life of crime and countless struggle!

 Also showcasing his entrepreneurial skills, the combination of Good Bully apparel and himself to create the next level of skateboarding apparel, accessories, boards and much more! Darren Harper has proven that success taste sweeter when it’s served with giving back as the main ingredient! 

You can keep up with the latest of Darren Harper by following him on twitter @Dstreets and checkout GBSC  for all your skateboarding needs! Darren Harper is closing the gap with education, boards, and purely motivation for the minds many overlook or have already counted out for the future! The media often times gets clouded with drama, but today as you read this remind yourself not every hero wears a cap. Not every youth deserves to have the book closed on them, furthermore you never know what’s possible when give HOPE back!

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