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GloZell - The Queen of Comedy Interview

GloZell: Where Comedy Is Beautiful
Interviewed by: Geneva Relf

Geneva: First let me say thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing today?

GloZell: Great! The world is working in my favor. The better it gets, the better it sho nuff gets... LOL.

Geneva: For those who have yet to be introduced to you, can you please introduce Yourself?

GloZell: I am GloZell with over 857 videos I am the Queen of You Tube.

Geneva: Now your a comic, can you tell us how you got your start?

GloZell: I started by telling stories of how I grew up and people would fall out laughing. And everywhere I went from elementary school to University of Florida (Go Gators) people told me I am a comic. But I had no desire to be on stage by myself. I tried working with other actors in Florida but no one is going to take your dream as seriously as you are. So after dealing with actors who aren't as serious as I am, I realized I really have to move to California or New York. However New York is way too cold and I am very happy in California. Performing by myself.

Geneva: When you take the stage, do you still get nervous or are you comfortable now on stage?

GloZell: I am sick backstage. Can't eat, don't want to talk to anyone, stomach in knots... every time. It doesn't matter if it's 5 Thousand at a stadium or a few at a church. I'm a wreck. I'm fine when I hit the stage but a Hot Mess before.

Geneva: Comedy cannot be easy how do you do it?

GloZell: I make myself. Getting booked is the easy part. Then I have to promote promote promote. And be funny every time ... AHHHHHHHHH. So just getting on stage is more than most are willing to try.

Geneva: Your Youtube videos are hilarious, how do you come up with your material?

GloZell: Ha ha ha Geneva thanks for watching. All my videos are based on my real life exsperiences, my thoughts, and people I know.

Geneva: Your signature closing to your videos how did that come about?

GloZell: I loVed the fact that Carol Burnett tugged her ear at the end of her show. And I wanted something like her. I would just fall out if I met her. FALL RIGHT ON OUT. So I didn't know I was doing that until a friend of mine told me to stop it because it was annoying. Glad I didn't.

Geneva: When did you realize that you had arrived in comedy?

GloZell: When people are coming up to me and ask " Are you GloZell?" "May I take a Picture" LOL I love it when people come up to me instead of just staring or trying to sneak a picture. As long as people are nice, I don't mind taking a picture.

The biggest is when Perez Hilton posted two of my videos ( I'm just tearing up because I have been doing videos for three years just knowing someone who could do something for me will find me) on Perez Hilton.Com. You never know who will help you. I was thinking Oprah, Tryra, Wendy Williams you know... a Sistah ... but I still got the Queen of Media ... ha ha ha.

Geneva: Now you have a unique name, and I know your named after your parents. When you tell people your name do they believe you?

GloZell: I explain my name every single day. NO JOKE when I say my name people think I made it up. That's why I start my Comedy routine with "Hi my name is GloZell Yes that is my real name" LOL ( G Please don't forget to put a capitol Z ... thanks... ooh I'm all Diva now chile)

Geneva: How would you describe yourself? If someone wanted to know who the real you was how would you tell them?

GloZell: A big kid. Adults never seemed fun to me so I didn't care to be one. I am how you see me on the videos. It's interesting now because I am recognized and people just stare waiting for me to do something funny. I sat next to this young lady at church and she text " I'm sitting next to GloZell" ... I leaned over and said yes you are. So I'm me... I am sure someone will tell me if I start to change. Geneva, if you interviewed my family, Ma'dear, Aunts, Uncles, Mom and sister... they will tell you I haven't changed. Always hanging where the people are having fun... no matter what group, gender, race or religion. If you like me... I like you.

Geneva: You have been on many shows what was the highlight show for you?

GloZell: Showtime at the Apollo... it's legendary. Monique' was hosting it then. The one I'm waiting on... the big highlight will be hosting Saturday Night Live!

Geneva: What upcoming comedy, and shows can we look forward to?

GloZell: Guess spots Tosh.O (Comedy Central) Howard Sterns, Sit-coms and Commercials ( Ooh if I could be like the Pine -Sol Lady cha ching! Ha ha ha) voice overs and MY OWN SHOW!

Geneva: Who do you inspire to work with one day?

GloZell: SNL, Robin Williams, Tim Conway, Tyler Perry, Jim Carry,Queen Latifah, Beyonce', Stevie Wonder, Bett Mitler, Barbra Streisand, CAROL BURNETTE, Gary Marshal, Tom Hanks, Russel Brand, Sasha Berren Cohen the list goes on and on...

Geneva: Outside of comedy where else can we find GloZell?

GloZell: At Starbucks... no really. I am letting my Fans/Friends know what Starbucks I will be chilling at and to bring your cameras. It's been working. A lot of my fans are young and can't come into the comedy clubs and it cost so much. I wanted to meet the people who post and enjoy my videos so this works out. Parents come and meet me also. It's a win win situation. Plenty of free parking, safe environment, great drinks.

Geneva: When your doing your stand up what do you think makes you so relate able to your audiences?

GloZell: I talk about issues that everyone else are talking about in their homes. Relationships, race, politics the whole nine without putting anyone down. I stopped going to clubs at one time because the comedy was mean. That's not my style but I respect that everyone can do what they want.

Geneva: When it comes to dating is it easier inside the industry or outside?

GloZell: OUTSIDE.... oh my... I have dated comics. NEVER on NEVER again. Okay never say never they can be in the industry but not an actor UNLESS it's Alec Baldwin.

Geneva: Do you think it's harder for female comics to break into the industry?

GloZell: Not now... oooh we are doing and doing it and doing it well. So many shows are using female comics. If you are persistent, your season is coming.

Geneva: What's the next level for GloZell?

GloZell: Financial freedom. I want a home, a car with two side-view mirrors, perfect husband and children. The American Dream. And a little dog too hee hee hee.

Geneva: Now your friends with a major designer from Project Runway. Can you tell us how you two meet and became friends?

GloZell: AH Koto I met her though a mutual friend and she and I hit it off. Koto is very very funny and we are Ba donky donk Sisters HA!!! ... I really enjoy spending time with her. LoVe her clothes.

Geneva: Can you take us through a day in the life of GloZell?

GloZell: I get up early around 5.30 6 AM and start answering fan mail, and comments from GloZell1 on You tube. Post a video and a funny statement on facebook, twitter, and my blog GloZell.Com. Then think of what happened that would make for a good video.

Geneva: I have to ask "Peter in the Perk" how did that come about?

GloZell: I wanted to do a Soap Opera... it was called Ghetto and Straight Lace. I was on my way to the Park/Perk to meet the actor playing Peter when I saw a car on fire so I picked up my camera... then realized I had on my Kool-aid hair so I went with it. While driving a car almost hit me and I glanced in the mirror and say my lips were chapped. I wasn't going to put that video up because I was looking a hot mess. One week I just didn't have any videos to put up and I put that one up and didn't look at it. Months later the hits were jumping by the thousands... it's close to 4 Million hits now. And the videos I did of Ghetto and Straight Lace never did as well as the one I didn't plan on doing or putting up. THANK THE LORD I didn't delete it. More people quote that video to me than any of my other 8 Hundred and fifty something videos.

Geneva: "Naughty Girl" Stand up was hilarious do you try out your bits before you take them to the stage?

GloZell: Girl No never! I wouldn't have the nerve to if I did. I think of something and go for it.I tell myself ... this has to be funny or else. I think that's why I'm a mess backstage. I am always trying something different.

Geneva: Many actors, Comics, and artist have a routine if not superstition before they hit the stage do you have one?

GloZell: Panic ... LOL I pray. I don't drink or smoke (never tried it) so prayer is what I do.

Geneva: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

GloZell: let's see something I wouldn't mind telling the public. Geneva honey you know there are some way out people in the world. Oh I did a video about how I need to buy new bras... and someone wants to buy my old bras for 50 dollars each. I have nice fans... they make GloZell T-Shirts, live size GloZell cut outs, posters, they remake my videos, write songs about me. Very very nice group.

Geneva: You are the Queen of Youtube, out of all your videos what is your favorite?

GloZell: If I have to pick one it would have to be "My Push up Bra will help me get my man back."

Geneva: What advice would you give to upcoming comic's?

GloZell: Good Comics and Bad ones. So many bad, unfunny comics still make it. They have nerve to get on stage, get booed and keep going because that's what they want to do an they believe in themselves. So just keep going don't stop. Someone will find you and use you for something.

Geneva: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview, and is there anything you would like to add before we go? Also don't forget to tell the people where to find you!

GloZell :Thank you Geneva for wanting to interview me. I just like to say I appreciate the interest in my work. I am so gleeful that MILLIONS of people look at my videos, laugh and post them. Please check me out on GloZell1 on You Tube, Http:// , my blog and GloZell Green on Facebook.

"My push up bra will help me get my man back" - GloZell

Meet & Greet - GloZell

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