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Award-Winning Teen Bullying Feature "Mad World" Comes to DVD

May 12, 2011
Cory Cataldo’s Exposition on Teen Bullying,
“Mad World” Comes to DVD

The feature film tells a Columbine-esque tale,
but with compassion toward the killers

(May 12, 2011) Los Angeles, CA – Breaking Glass Pictures proudly announces the release of director Cory Cataldo’s award-winning, debut feature film “Mad World” on DVD May 24th. The shocking indie feature captures the downward spiral of four maladjusted and bullied teens that resort to violence as a means of lashing out against their classmates and the world.

Will (played by newcomer Dylan Vigas) is an obese misfit who just can’t seem to catch a break. After being forced to move to a new town following his parents’ split, he’s terrorized at home by his psychotic father (David Alan Graf) and taunted by his peers at school. His only solace comes from three classmates, Cory (Gary Cairns), John (Matthew Thompson) and Jevon (James Lee Martinec), who face similar abuse. The foursome spends their days getting high and dodging confrontations with mean spirited classmates and school authorities. The turmoil escalates until they reach a breaking point. With nothing to lose and no escape from the onslaught of harsh ridicule, they rebel to the point of ultimate destruction.

“One can appreciate Cataldo’s slow simmer. The protagonists’ friendships all seem very genuine. They actually are all bonded beyond the drug use and the bullying. Plus, all four actors also bring an ease and naturalness to their roles, so it is fun hanging out with them and one does become concerned for them and how they’re going to handle their increasingly desperate situations. “ Mike Everleth (

“D.P. Brandon Trost (MacGruber, Halloween II) does a nice job of portraying the spiraling nightmarishness of the entire scenario that's unfolding.” Richard Propes (The Independent Critic)

A black comedy, Mad World provides a drugged-out glimpse into the tortured, “square peg, round hole” life of many teens in conservative America. Cory Cataldo’s directorial debut takes audiences to shocking depths in order to make a bold statement about living in a society where those with the least amount of sanity seem to hold the most power.
The soundtrack features music by the wildly popular and Grammy winning artists, They Might Be Giants, as well as Jet Sparks, Reid Richards, and Coby C.

Special features for the “Mad World” DVD release will include audio commentary with Cataldo and stars Gary Cairns and Dylan Vigus, an interview with stars Gary Cairns and James Lee, an interview with composer and music supervisor Coby C, a music video for the song “Knocking at Your Door” by Coby C, and a short video in which Cataldo discusses teen bullying and other themes in the film.
Cory Cataldo is a screenwriter and director, best known for his independent feature film  “Mad World.” The film received excellent reviews and critical acclaim, winning Cataldo the much-coveted “Best Directorial Debut” at The Beverly Hills Film TV & New Media Film Festival, 2010 and “Best Dramatic Feature” at The Atlanta Underground Film Festival, 2010. The film garnered additional awards and established Cataldo as one of Hollywood’s most sought after up-and-coming new filmmakers. Since the age of nine, Cataldo knew he wanted to make films. He created and shot films incorporating Claymation figures and neighborhood kids. Cataldo continued on the path of grass roots filmmaking ever since. After high school and some college, he attended the prestigious LA Film School where he was known for his edgy work and was the first student ever to be censored.  Cory has worked with some of the cinematic icons of our day, interning for director Cameron Thor and working for Martin Landau at Miracle Entertainment, as well as many others. He continues to write and develop projects with riveting story lines, including “Without Ward,” “Nothing At All” and “Too Wrong.” Cory is represented by Gallant Management and Lisa Jey Davis at Jey Associates Public Relations.


BEST DIRECTORIAL DEBUT: Beverly Hills Film TV & New Media Film Festival, 2010. 
BEST DRAMATIC FEATURE: Atlanta Underground Film Fest, 2010
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Ohio Independent Film Festival, 2010
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Los Angeles Film + Music Weekend, 2010


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