Saturday, March 12, 2011


"LOOK AT ME NOW" the latest single by Chris Brown featuring music legend Busta Rhymes and the lyrical genius Lil Wayne. Nonstop  collaboration greatness when these minds come together, but the video is another level of greatness this is not the first time Chris Brown has teamed up with Colin Tilley you might recall his genius in the video "Deuces". However this newest track has the fans jumping and waiting for more F.A.M.E is scheduled to come out March 22nd and the fans have been buzzing nonstop since the singles have been rolling out! "LOOK AT ME NOW" the video is oozing of  colorful, hip, edgy, and nonstop hype dancing. The level has been turned up on this one, another level of perfection has been added to Chris Brown's resume.  Not to mention Busta Rhymes the originator of lyrical magic, many of us have grown up to Busta Rhymes hits. Busta Rhymes is a legend and icon in this business for many reasons, but the main one being he adds and extra level of greatness to any track he's on.  Then with Lil Wayne in the mixture who Chris Brown has worked with in the past, adds another level of unstoppable genius. From the throwback fashion to the hype graffiti tagged streets this video is on my "MUST SEE LIST" . If you haven't noticed the Spike Lee special tribute, or the Michael Jordan jersey throwback. However in order to fully appreciate the value you have to see the video in full. The single is amazing and hitting the airways hard so make sure you keep the buzz going. Fans determination to get their hands on F.A.M.E has many wondering can they last the wait until the 22nd? However the pre-order numbers are always growing up with each passing minute, however the music and talent says it all Chris Brown's only kryptonite  is not having a beat or artistic space, while his super strength is in a booth or dance floor, canvas even. So make sure you support the single, get the video on your countdowns, and make the album number one!


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