Saturday, December 11, 2010


This Is Me from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.
 Checkout the video of the Day in the life of Chris Brown    letting the fans get a closer view on what life is really like! Chris Brown has made major moves in the music industry including nonstop hits in singles and singles. From his collaborations to the hottest music videos, but you don't have to take my word for it check the numbers! Recently Chris Brown gave the fans a double dose of  music when he released "IN MY ZONE 2"  the anticipation grew with every leaked track by Chris Brown, and the fans knew that this was going to be a treat! Within hours of release the numbers sky rocketed, and it's great to say that he's back making the music we all longed to hear! However do not miss out on the other great mixtapes with collaborations from Tyga,Kevin McCall, DJ Drama,DJ Sense, DJ BabyDrew, RICH GIRL and many more ( IN MY ZONE (MIXTAPE) , CHRIS BROWN & TYGA FAN OF A FAN (MIXTAPE) ,CHRIS BROWN (MIXTAPES) also checkout his website this website features fashion, music, and more! Also checkout,Say whatever you like but his comeback has truly put music back on point!

Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake - Fall For Your Type

With hit after hit the collaborations have added to his long list of greatness Jamie Foxx  and now teaming up with Drake to create a buzzing collaborations that have the fans begging for a part two! Jamie Foxx is working on some major projects right now and you can find them all here on his website : also make sure you tune into The FoxxHole on XM149 and the new album "Best Night Of My Life" December 21st . Checkout the hottest videos from Jamie Foxx here:


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