Thursday, November 4, 2010


TI teams up with Chris Brown and the song says it all! "Get Back Up" is the single that music lovers everywhere have been buzzing about, but the video adds the imagery to the lyrics ! Both artist are working hard on upcoming projects TI has a new upcoming album in December entitled "No Mercy" and Chris Brown is working on his album entitled "Fame" both artist have added a new level of expectations to collaborations. "Get Back Up" is a song that anyone can relate to and understand, the song is a perfect blend of both artist who combine what they do best musically! "I'm Only Human" the famous opening verse to this hot single while Chris Brown sings "Hello out there,can you hear Me out there" both artist have had there battles , but the importance of it all is they got back up and have truly turned the negative into a challenge for greatness in doing better! When it comes to the lyrics please pay hard attention to the words these two artist are pouring there souls out, they never claimed to be perfect but we all have our downfalls. However you have to "Get Back Up" if you ever want to raise above with change! TI is back ladies and gents I hope your ready for his upcoming album "No Mercy" the title fits because when it comes to the music game he's not showing any mercy! Chris Brown has the voice the screams to the soul while piercing the heart calling it to attention! Both these artist have really given the music back it's long awaited life and return showing that talent over gimmick always triumphs! So when you listen to the music understand that these artist are human looking to live their lives "You can love me , or either leave me  before you judge just let me be me!"

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