Saturday, October 9, 2010


Audra, Se7en, Lyndriette & Brave

The newest single from the female group RichGirl is entitled "Swagger Right" featuring two of the biggest names in the game. Fabolous and Rick Ross are featured on this hot track, and the beat alone leaves you speechless with room to dance. However the lyrics say it all and the meaning is very clear "Swagger Right" nobody wants a weak approach, confidence is everything among first impressions. RichGirl is a dynamic group with the collaboration of hip hop, pop, and r&b. These young women have all the fan bases covered every track released by these ladies have you begging even willing to wait for more! " He Ain't With Me Now Though" and then being featured on Chris Brown's hit song " Perfume". These young women have talent,beauty and brains and you can follow them on twitter @MyRichGirl also checkout the site for all the latest updates  
This is their second official music video and who better to collaborate with then Fabolous and Rick Ross who each bring their own "Swag" to the video.So make sure you vote this video on your countdowns and request it at your local radio stations.

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