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New Orleans Saints WIDE RECEIVER- Carlos Robinson


Geneva: Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. How are you doing today?

Carlos Robinson: I’m doing fine thanks for having me. I feel honored doing this interview with such a seasoned and professional writer. I have heard great things about you.

Geneva:Thanks, Now you’re a Wide Receiver: if someone is not familiar with football positions. Can you please explain to them a Wide Receivers job?

Carlos Robinson: Well for those who at least watch football, we are the guys on the outside that run down the field and catch the touchdowns. Besides that there are techniques that you have to know, perfect and perform consistently.

Geneva: Now I understand high school is were you found your love for football. What was it about the sport that intrigued you to play?

Carlos Robinson: Well Geneva, I loved it from a young age, and then in high school is actually where I learned how to prepare myself for the game. In high school is where it was affirmed to me that I was as good as any top player in the country and that I would have a future in football. My first actual moment of being intrigued with football was one day after running routes with Walter Church; we were walking back to the car along with my other mentor Jamone Mims. Mims mentioned that I might be able to play division 1 colleges and I just asked “Do ya’ll think I can play D1 ball?” and they both looked at me and was like YEAH of course. From that point forward the hard work I was putting in wasn’t “work” anymore: It became my passion.

Geneva: Football became your outlet, in your opinion what is it about sports that provides that outlet and encouragement to youth?

Carlos Robinson: Well it does so many things for the youth. It helps keep the immune system strong, mental health, it embodies a range of emotions teaching the student athlete would learn to persevere through and succeed. Learning team work is big and develops a work ethic that can be carried on to every aspect of your life.  

Geneva: Now many youth are raised in single parent homes. Do you think that sports provide that extra guidance or support they may not receive at home?

Carlos Robinson: Depending on the area and philosophy of the coach. For the student-athlete there is guidance because of the nature of sports. There is also support with the single parent to do more to support the family and with keeping their child/children active as they desire. It is also a means to help break the circle, often times children who participate in sports are less likely to participate in self-destructive activities.

Geneva: Going through the tragedy of a fire and losing everything, how did you find the strength to pursue your dreams of football?

Carlos Robinson: To a major degree, I was already in pursuit of a professional career; I had just transferred from my Junior College with one semester to go. I was looking forward to spring ball, but the fire changed everything. Losing everything brought me to the realization that it’s time to do it “right now.” I’ve always been pretty much spontaneous all my life and taking the risk of moving 800 miles away, a mere 2 days after the fire brought me comfort to a degree. In situations like that, it’s either “do or die” and I thrive in those kinds of situations. For my family, though, it was very hard. We just had a baby two weeks prior and the fire took everything but what we had on. We received assistance from our church, family and a few friends, other than that everything had to be replaced. What’s ironic is that we were already looking for a place and employment in the Atlanta area. We had planned to go down there in 2 weeks and ended up there 4 days later. We stayed in a hotel for about eight days. I started training at XPE Sports that same week. I later got a job working in the evenings at Olive Garden and training during the early mornings.  From there it was a matter of getting the attention of the NFL Scouts.

Geneva: When the New Orleans Saints signed you, what was that feeling or initial thought to come over you?

Carlos Robinson: It was euphoric and let me tell you it is hard to describe. I knew also at this point it is just the beginning, so I didn’t have time really to celebrate. I knew there was more to be done and I had things to prove in order to stay. But when Sean Payton approached me the last day of Rookie camp and said, “We’re going to sign you” I couldn’t even respond in the manner I wanted. I just took off on the field like a Jet.

Geneva: Many athletes are hit hard in the media, why do you think athletes are under so much pressure to be role models?

Carlos Robinson: Well because of how “magnified” the professional sports industry is. As well as, how celebrated it is, this makes being an average person with a great talent unacceptable and much more which really is less is expected. It also writes the check for some to.

Geneva:  When it comes to any sport the pregame prep talk is what really sets the tone. Can you recall any motivational words from a coach before a game?

Carlos Robinson: At my Junior College (GRCC), the head coach Jim Schulte told us before we went out on the field to play the defending national champs: “To dominate is a personal mental state that you as a player determine.” After this speech we took the defending champions down by a margin of 13-6. He huddled us together and with his speaker box voice hollered at the top of his lungs and looked us all in the eyes and said, “Now that’s how you dominate.”

Geneva: What advice would you give an athlete who is headed to the pros or considering the pro's? 

Carlos Robinson: I would tell them that, PREPRATION IS THE KEY. If you’re prepared to the best of your abilities, you won’t have to worry about who’s the best because you will be.

Geneva: What is the most misunderstood perception of athletes?

Carlos Robinson: That we are one dimensional. Many of us are multi-talented men with large amounts of substance. I personally have many talents such as Arts, Music, Natural Medicine, and Consciousness. I was also recently accepted into Law School. So you have to be careful with some of those stereotypes.

Geneva: What are your predictions for this upcoming football season?

Carlos Robinson: Well, well let me see. It’s a little early but I think the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets may find there way to Dallas.

Geneva: You also model and act when did you discover you wanted to act and model?

Carlos Robinson: Well I began modeling in high school. My first TV Modeling Show appearance was the Freddy Jackson Show broadcast out of Ann Arbor Michigan. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was super nervous, but as soon as the camera began rolling, I loosened up. Acting is something I found unique because of the art of expressions. I find it amazing how an individual can go into another character.

Geneva: What is the next level for Carlos Robinson?

Carlos Robinson: I have a lot of opportunity but playing in the NFL is on the front burner for now. What ever comes into fruition, I will excel in that as well. No matter the direction or occupation! So I’m excited and anxious about the future.

Geneva: Thanks so much for taking this time out, Is there anything you would like to add before we go. Also don't forget to tell the fans where to find you!

Carlos Robinson: Thank you Geneva for having me and for the fans you can hit me up on twitter @CarlosRobinson or on facebook at For booking or media you can contact my publicist or @AndiRouse or @LifeMadeEasyPR Also I would to wish everyone a happy holidays to come and blessings to the reading audience.

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