Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Visionary for Greatness
Written By: Geneva Relf

Alia Kruz was born in Bogota, Columbia on May 7th however it was only six months later she was adopted into a family from Fargo, North Dakota. Alia Kruz from a young age showed signs of greatness beyond her years, and took center stage to heart! Appearing in local talent shows, hosting events, and even taking it to the classroom with her comic release! Alia Kruz was bound to fly with wings that surpassed her surrounds, however the journey was a bumpy road including self discovery! Alia attended Shanley High School which was a Catholic school in Fargo, it was there when Alia tested the waters a bit. However her parents decided to send her off to Boys Town located in Omaha, NE from there the road seemed to appear gray. From foster home to group home finally landing in YCC Youth Correctional Facility this is where change begins for Alia and laid the foundation for greater expectations! 

At the age of 15 she decided to make a change engulfing herself in the roots of success. By the age of 18 years old she made up in her mind that now or never for direction in life. She graduated from high school while she was at YCC and being surrounded by those worst off then her put life in perspective! Alia realized then visions of greatness is nothing without work, and headed home back to Fargo. Where she attended the university of  NDSU, Alia kept the lessons she learned from her experience and time in YCC close to her heart knowing one day she wanted to give back! However a miracle came at the age of 19 the birth of her son, with no more then 700 hundred dollars and U-haul Los Angeles became the destination for achievements. The road was hard however Alia Kruz has the heart of a champion with no quit in sight, with the blessings of working connections Alia began to see the payoff. However Love was not in the vision but it came in Derrell Owens who saw a woman with passion,heart, beauty,as well intellectual, and a son he fell in love with as his own! 

Alia is very well accomplished however now is the time where giving back means the most. In the works is a Youth Center designed for greatness. A center where your  level of achievement is a reward not force success, and aligned with her mentor Rosey Grier who is known for his work with the Kennedy Charity organizations. Alia wants to provide a dawn of hope on a generation that needs a life line in chances. However this center is going to push the envelope in education even taking it to the levels of college a dream most youth want to accomplish! Alia knows that all it takes is a chance, which is why she is giving back to those many might have thrown away! She is even working on her reality show and making appearances on the hot reality shows "For The Love of Ray J", "Family Business" the show of Brandy and Ray J! However you might have seen her on runways from the 'STUNT 101' ( Hip Hop is way of life) fashion show, "FALL IN LOVE AGAIN" lingerie fashion show, even Ozone magazine. However she has also appeared in films now taking the business side further she is tackling her own success with a path of greatness ahead!  Alia Kruz knows that being a businesswoman, mother, and partner means work however the blessings that follows are priceless.  

Alia Kruz has built and empire with a vision, and no more then a dream to be greater! She has invoked change in her life whiles inspiring those around her, Alia is not taking any short cuts to success but striving to prove that businesswomen are making a comeback whiles making it look fabulous! Alia Kruz has overcome many obstacles, adversity, and challenges however through it all and her faith she has overcome! Make sure you do not blink or underestimate her long talented list of skills in her resume, also blinking can cause you to miss greatness unfolding! Alia Kruz a woman with success stamped from birth! Lookout for the upcoming reality show based off the exclusive club "The Door" where you will see not only the behind the scene view of your top celebrities from Shorty Mack, Lebron James, Tyrese, Ray J, P Gordy, Kennedy-Kennedy,Marlyn Singelton and Vaughn Alvarez among many more. The Door is going to take you behind the velvet rope, and the flashing lights, and with a variety of locations you never know where they will head next! However the vision is clear the goal is the youth center, and making dreams come true!

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