Thursday, July 8, 2010


G Fresh -Feat. Lil Chuckee & Travis Porter - Nice Day

This very hot music video was directed by none other then McKinley (Movieo Director). The video is beyond creative and draws in the viewers. However it's the lyrics that keep you entertained for hours, and a music lover's dream!G Fresh is beyond a great artist he is also a producer, and writer. This young man does it all and yes when it comes to originality dare I say it he's the 'ORGANIC MACHINE' and he teamed up with a hit collaboration of Lil Chuckee from Young Money's label was featured on the hit single "Nice Day" and this collaboration wouldn't be complete without Travis Porter! This hit single has the fans buzzing and the debut of the video has fans waiting for more!  So enjoy the video and keep your eye's out these men are on the move and more hit music is on the way! Also keep your eye's out for more hit videos directed by McKinley (Movieo Director). Can't say it enough how many times have we had a party when our parents left, and what better way to kick off a celebration then with good friends? However you cannot have an amazing video without flawless makeup, and Valerie Patterson from TEN 11 Entertainment is that celebrity makeup artist!  The video is so live and fun so enjoy!

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