Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NEW 2010 Artist

Mariah Clark   
Stage name- Cherelle
Since the age of seven Mariah Clark knew what she wanted to do, the vision was clear. She started dancing, singing and rapping now at the age of nineteen she's on her way! However it was the age of sixteen when her hard work was starting to pay off when she was awarded "ALL STAR DANCE CHAMPION ATLANTA"   the award included a scholarship for preforming arts school in London. However when you have a dream sometimes it means doing what your heart leads you to do. Her heart told her to turn down the scholarship. Her craft is her art and this star is adding to the list of talent coming from the ATL. She a combination from Hip Hop to high fashion dream and making her mark on the labels. "Cherelle" is a combination of genre and that's what makes her so appealing to music lovers. She's very motivated and devoted to her music, when she's not in the studio, dancing studio she writing perfecting her musical dreams! Even though she was born in Michigan she represents Atlanta all the way. She's a huge fan of Missy Elliot, she considers Missy to be her music idol from futuristic style, to edgy music that has the fans craving more. Pushing the envelope in what we consider music not afraid to stand alone bringing in major hits. "Cherelle" picked a perfect inspiration to help guide her career. In her own words "I'm not here to make friend with major name I'm not here to fall out of clubs. My aim is to please my idol and birth my dreams I wanna be some little girls Missy or beyonce I wanna be remembered so watch out she's coming "  Big dreams that are coming true this young lady has come a long way, and many are starting to notice. She's creative, innovative, and inspired to bring out the best in music without a gimmick! Hard work is her motivation and the passion she has is embedded in her music. So stay tuned for the future because it's changing and it has a new face. "CHERELLE" 

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction of our Super Sensation,Cherelle.We have a great deal of exciting events coming up with the first being her new song "Too Cherelle" which is dropping this week. Next month we will be filming her Music Video in Atlanta which will include 3 different locations. Then it's on to LA on August 23rd for some business meetings and promo shows. I am so pleased and blessed to be part of this dream coming true for such a talented and focused artist.

    Dawn GGWraps,Inc
    PR/PUBLICITY for Cherelle
    M.A.S Management.,Atlanta/LA/NYC/London



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