Friday, July 23, 2010


Recently Monica gave her fans the option to choose how her new video and single would end. The fans poured in their votes, on who they thought should capture the ending of her new single "LOVE ALL OVER ME". This video featured the very attractive Lakers player Shannon Brown or as the NBA world knows him Shannon "Dunkin" Brown! Then you have the very attractive rapper Manio the competition was set who was going to capture Monica's heart in the end! However I can't say I was mad at her these two incredible men , but the hard part would be choosing! However the fans voted and made it pretty clear who was going to win this fight! However in love sometimes you have to choose either the past or the present, and if you walk away what are you headed towards? So enjoy the video and see what happens who did the fans choose and if you had the choice who would you choose? 

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