Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yes it's very true ladies and Gentlemen Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers is turned artist! "Champion" is the name is his new single which was released today! So far have been responding positively to this new single! Artest announced this new venture after the Lakers Won the Championship June 17th in Game 7 against the Boston Celtics! So what's your opinion do you agree with the fans? 
 Yes ladies he's all grown up, Sammie is back with a newly dropped single today entitled "Naughty Girl" ft. Diamond. This is a hot track for Sammie so far the fans are responding accordingly and downloading like crazy! The beat is what hooks you in however it's the lyrics that keep your attention, and Sammies voice sounds amazing! He's all grown and sexy now, and he's really matured with his audience and the ladies are buzzing. These artist better look out for their spots cause their is a new sex symbol in town! However ladies and gentlemen it's a double treat because DIAMOND is back! Also checkout "Make Me Pretend"
 Bow Wow has another one and ladies he's remixing  Tupac's classic hit! "I Get Around" this track was dropped on the fans June 14th and the downloads have been buzzing around twitter, and many really like! However when it comes to Bow Wow the music is always coming and keeping the fans on the edge of anticipation! So enjoy this track and feel free to comment! 
August 20th Lottery Ticket comes out get ready to LAUGH! 
Kevin McCall we are seeing and hearing a lot from this young man, and he's really stepping up his game! 
This young man was recently featured in the video "Deuces" where he was featured on the track alongside of Chris Brown & Tyga! He's released several tracks for the fans to enjoy and every track steps up from the next! Kevin McCall is a young artist with a bright future ahead of him, and his talents are endless he's not upcoming he's arrived! He's has some of the biggest collaborations this year on mixtapes and singles! "While U Sleepin'" and yes no explanation needed for this track so enjoy! 
Also don't forget to vote "Deuces" on The 106 & Park Video countdown

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