Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Single : Slow Down

 Ms. Hollywood 
 New positive message is embedded in David Banner's newest video and single called "Slow Down" featuring Ms.Hollywood. David Banner has changed the game when it comes to music and the way we view artist, he's one of  many positive reflections that the music game needed! "Death of a Pop Star"   which is a collaboration between David Banner and 9th wonder this project was to prove that real music wasn't dead. Giving the people music they longed for but at the cost of nothing, giving the fans a mixtape and shutting down the "One-hit wonder" myths that frustrated  many music lover's! This is the first time these two friends have joined forces to bring music back to the people! So I hope you enjoy the video and appreciate the return of great music without compromise! 

Behind the Scene look @ "SLOW DOWN" David Banner ft. 9th Wonder

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