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Dani B. Star among Stars
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Dani B. thanks so much for agreeing to this interview! How are you doing today?

Dani B: I'm doing great in the bay chilling with my family just got a new beat from my producer so I'm straight!

Geneva: Now you have been rapping since you were 13 years old. What was it about rap that caught your attention?

Dani B: Rap music doesn't have any limits it touches every subject: Politics, Family, The Ghetto, The Burbs, Relationships etc etc. Since I grew up listening to rap music it was the only way I knew how to express myself when I was going through something and it also got me through a lot.

Geneva: Now for those who don't know who Dani B. is can you please introduce yourself?
Dani B: YO YO YO YO its Dani B from Oakland, CA lol nah but I'm 22 from Oakland, CA I use to be in the girl group Realody and now I'm solo doing my thing working on my 1st solo mixtape been writing since I was kid even though I write I'm also a fan of ALL genres of music and also I'm a songwriter.

Geneva: You have come a long way, what was the biggest lesson you have learned?

Dani B: Don't trust everyone who says they want to help you, and this industry is a "hurry up and wait" industry so have patience!

Geneva: Now what sets Dani B. apart from other  female rappers?

Dani B: I don't rap about sex I just can't do it. I have a little brother who looks up to me and a mother who raised me with some sense I DON'T want to be looked at as a sex symbol I wanna be the "girl next door meets the bad bish down the street."

Geneva: Now you have been very busy, What upcoming projects can we expect from you?

Dani B: I'm working on my mixtape, its taking longer than expected because I'm a perfectionist I'd rather have listeners wait for something great than be disappointed but its coming very soon!! Also brushing up on my performance so check my twitter for shows.

Geneva: If you could sum up yourself in one phrase what would it be and why?

Dani B: Determined....Whatever I put my mind to I accomplish enough said!

Geneva: You were once in a group, now being a solo artist what changes did you have to make?

Dani B: I had to get use to working on complete songs by myself, running sessions by myself and performing by myself which made me a much better artist I've grown so much since then its crazy

Geneva: Who do you inspire to work with music wise, What future collaborations can we expect?

Dani B: Of course I would love to work with the big names but I really would like to work with some very talented Bay Area artist like London, J Mayers and Netta Brielle and a VERY talented brother from Compton by the name of Kendrick Lamar so hopefully those are some future collabs!

Geneva: What advice would you give to upcoming rapper?

Dani B: Perfect your craft, study the best and be better than them but always remember to be yourself while doing it.

Geneva: "Closer" is an amazing song what was your inspiration behind making that?

Dani B: The beat was the inspiration for that song (produced by Klash) I closed my eyes and listened to it and I saw a video in my head and I just wrote the storyline. 

Geneva: "Addicted" is another hot song, How do you know when a track is hit for you?

Dani B: Thank you! I know the song is a hit when I can envision the video in my head and when I'm completely comfortable letting others hear it because you wont hear it if I don't love it!

Geneva: Where do you see yourself music wise say ten years from now?

Dani B: Owning my own label with signed successful artist, and me still making good music.

Geneva: What is the biggest hurdle for female rappers?

Dani B: To be accepted and respected as an artist and not as a sex toy.

Geneva: What is a typical day like for Dani B.?

Dani B: Mannnn writing, writing, writing and plotting on how I can make myself better everyday its all about progress with me oh yea and the gym.

Geneva: Based off your experiences in the music business what advice would you give to upcoming artist? 

Dani B: Keep a circle of people you can really trust around you and always keep a positive attitude!

Geneva: What is that feeling you get when your on stage preforming?

Dani B: I'm not even myself when I'm on stage its like I blackout I'm extra hype its like an adrenaline rush and when I'm done performing I'm like yea this is what I was born to do what I love to do.

Geneva: Now I understand that you working on your solo project what can the fans look forward to?

Dani B: Good music and nothing less!

Geneva: Who are your top five female rappers of all time?

Dani B: Da Brat, Left Eye, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot and Nicki Minaj.

Geneva: Your a songwriter what inspires you to write?

Dani B: My past experiences, things I see, people I meet, life is my inspiration.

Geneva:  What was that defining moment for you in your career where u realized you arrived? Or are you still waiting for that moment?

Dani B: I'm still waiting on my moment but when it comes everyone will know trust me lol.

Geneva: What would be the highlight of your music career?

Dani B: A sold out concert at Madison Square Garden just to know people wanna see me perform and hear my music mannnn I'm waiting on that day.

Geneva: What is the most rewarding part about being an artist?

Dani B: Having people relate to your music.

Geneva: Thanks so much for your time and agreeing to this interview. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we go? Also tell us were to find you!

Dani B: Thank you for interviewing me I love your blog keep it up girl! And to my fans tank you for rocking wit me through my rough times I promise this mixtape will be well worth the wait and you guys can find me on   TWITTER.COM/KALLHER_DANI AND MYSPACE.COM/DANIBANGA88

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