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What do you get when you combine musical talent, energy, and hotness? You get the just released mixtape entitled "Fan of a Fan" by no other then Chris Brown and Tyga! We have heard, even seen  a lot from these two and  the hits they have given us, let's just say this mixtape is too hot to handle!  The fans waited not so patiently but given the pure genius produced in every track I can see the anticipated rush to hear the finished product! Chris Brown and Tyga have given us hits such as "Gsh*t" and the video was the kick off to the summer. Meanwhile the throwback gear to the Oakland Raiders in the "Holla At Me"  video in the heart of LA with the fans that were invited out to be featured in the video. Chris Brown and Tyga then teamed up with Kevin Mcall to make "Deuces" the video is coming soon! We first saw Mcall and Chris Brown team up for the mixtape "In My Zone" which was released on Valentines day. Chris Brown has been very busy from VA Benefit concert which was amazing and helped many worthy great causes!  Tyga has been just as busy, but the collaboration of these two musically is untouchable these two have tapped into well music archive history! You'll be hearing these tracks for generations to come. Don't take my word for it but the music speaks for it self, and the beats are mind boggling they have you hooked then the lyrics wash over you like a personal theme some song!  Evey track is a repeat and a deserved continuous replay, you can't deny the hits within hours the downloads reached 3,051 in just Hours! So enjoy and make sure you get your download on don't miss out on great talent, and pure hits :
Track Listing
  Fan of a Fan 
  • Intro Talking - They are welcoming you into the hottest mixtape just released to the fans of great music! 
  • What They Want- The beat is like a band and your marching to the lyrics that have you willing to dance all night! Now keep in mind this may not be for the young ears, however it's a hit just the same! 
  • Drop Top Girl- A feel good song that makes you rock slow but gives you the same fire, and will have you wanting to just take your time with this track! 
  • Deuces- Is that track when you have had enough, the drama is enough! Saying goodbye is all you could do to free your mind! "I know your mad but so what!" is the line that has us all hooked, then Tyga brought it home "I'm not going to be the one you always run to."  Then Mcall finished it off but the theme, message, interrupted meaning is Deuces! 
  • No Bullshit- Enough said you know what this song is about, it's for the grown and sexy and it puts you in the mood to get down to business! No playing around or acting unfamiliar No Bullshit is all about getting it done when the mood is set!
  • 48 Bar Rap- The beat is engaging and the lyrics open up the track with mesmerizing lines from Chris Brown. The track keeps going as your put into a trance listening to greatness I hope your ready for this one! 
  • Ballin- Enough said but if not just keep listening cause this track is for those getting! Stacking  paper and  taking care of business, not mention the beat is super hot! 
  • Middle Talking- Chris Brown and Tyga playing around and giving us a chance to cool down between hot tracks! 
  • Ain't Thinking About You- This song is about when it's over, and getting the time to move on! Then moving and doing what we have to do to clear our mind of love lost! Guest artist Bow Wow makes an appearance on the track! This track is hot Chris Brown's voice sounds amazing and the beat has you really tuned in and holds you like a glove! 
  • Like A Virgin Again- Well this is for the grown and sexy! The intro let's you know that and then Chris leads you into a the song. Pretty much making your time like the first, getting the best of you no need to be shy! He slows it down with this track, but stills give you something to groove to and get close! 
  • Have It- The sirens shake you up, then your tuned into the track that has you dancing and engaged for hours! Now again I have to mention this track is for the adult, but it's a groove for hours! 
  • Number One- We all want to be Number One, the one you long for in the morning when we aren't there, and embraced when we are! When your the one he thinks about, even the motivation for why he does what he does.The simple things make him smile because your Number One! 
  • Make Love- The beat is engaging, and Chris brings it down the way he always does with the ladies wanting more and more. This track is all about making love, getting it all night long making the night all about you! Giving her all the control, making tonight about her even if it's just for the night making it last! 
  • I'm So Raw- Tyga opens with what he does best spitting bars of pure lyrical genius and giving the fans what they love most him! 
  • Movin 2 Fast- The break down into the world of fame, from those who live it! Tyga  really breaks it down in this track giving you a deep appreciation to the insight of their world in the lights. When things are just passing you by, you have a lot to learn and many ways to grow! 
  • I'm On It- The beat is pure fire it's different but the sirens once again catch your ears then the rest is all in the lyrics.Tyga  did his thing but was there any doubt about it I didn't think so! 
  • Regular Girl- This track is about when your just the type they like, your not in it for the fame, money, lights or even titles! When they get home from all the rush of a celebrity life they just want a friend who is there!  The track is brilliant and they just want to know how can they get to that girl that is just regular and not in it for the lights! 
  • Outro Talking- Just saying thank which is what they do because the appreciate all the fans that have supported them over the years, and they just want to say thank you, and have you stay tuned in!
    Behind The Scenes Of the Musical Genius at work

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