Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toya Carter’s Eight Month Rule | Entertainment Spotlight |

source: BET recently interviewed Toya Carter , and asked her "How soon is too soon?" She shocked many by her response, but gained respect for her honesty! I agree to her eight month rule, and feel more women should stand behind her. Many times we are intimate with someone then find out all the facts and details. This way you're avoiding that you're getting right down to the truth without the distraction of the physical! Most times more so in the industry your greeted by handsome opportunities, however it's not because your a great person but what you can do being who you are! Eight months is a longtime to test the waters but it's a sure bet to find out if they are willing to sink, swim, or jump  over board!

Most men will stick around for the first month maybe three before giving in to the needs. However if he really wants to know you and build a relationship he can wait on the expected intimacy and give you mental intimacy first! Besides for most women if you cannot reach us mentally we are out the door anyway, but now Toya Carter has really raised the bar. Ladies I hope you were paying attention it's time to make men work for it, and time to get to know someone without jumping in the bed to do it! Men do not worry not bashing you, maybe you should make her work for it too! We often think that men usually use us women in the business to get what they want, but women are doing it to climb the ladder to the top too! So let's all wait a little and get to know each other first, it will hurt less later knowing the truth now!
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