Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tatyanna Ali- The Come Back


Tatyana Ali was born Tatyana Marisol Ali January 24th in Brooklyn, New York, and her mother was nurse. She's not just a singer,actress, in addition to all her skills she's a scholar. This young woman has taken us all by storm and has come back with some major surprises. In 2002 she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Government, and  African American studies at Harvard University. In 1985 she was a regular guest face on the hit children show 'Sesame Street'. She even took her place alongside Herbie Hancock in the music numbers on the show she was only six. Little know fact she appeared on 'Star Search' twice, before taking her place on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Where she played Ashley Banks, we all watched her grow before her eyes. She starred in the hit sitcom with Will Smith, Alfonso Ribiero, James Avery we watched as little Ashley grew up into a beautiful young women. She debuted her musical talents on the show alongside her very well accomplished co-stars. However it was not until the ending of the show in 1996 that she took Will Smith on his offer to pursue her musical career. Her first album was titled "Kiss The Sky" which was pure gold in 1999 which produced such hits "DayDreamin" then "Boy You Knock Me Down" ft. Will Smith.  Both of these tracks took the charts by storm and climbed making it known that she was something serious in music. She evened made an appearance on Will Smith's album entitled "Willennium"  on the track "Who Am I" ft. Mc Lyte as well. Then taking on a serious role in the Movie "Glory Road" in 2006 after completing her role in that film she starred in a personal video for Nick Cannon in the song "Can I Live" ft. Anthony Hamilton where she played Nick Cannon's mother. However she appeared in the early version of "Yes We Can" the Will project in the early 2008. However she fell in love with her co-star the late great Jonathan Brandis they dated from 1995-1998 they starred in the TV-Movie "Fall into Darkness" together. Unfortunate Jonathan is no longer with us he was a young actor who left us and his mark on movies too soon. She had countless movies and television roles with many more to come.
    You can now find her producing and starring in the web-series on BET "Buppies"  alongside the fact she is working on her highly expected second album entitled "The Light". Not to mention her reoccurring role on the hit Soap Opera drama "Young And the Restless" as 'Roxanne'. This young lady has been nominated for several awards, and she has taken us back with her come back I hope you, guys are ready, because she is not waiting on her turn.

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