Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Males of the Month

Trey Songz

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Either one would be an amazing Christmas to New Years Gift! These men took the winning votes and have been named "Males Of The Month" and it's fitting with Christmas being in just a couple of days! They both came out with amazing albums this year, Trey Songz - Ready was an album for the ladies and fitting for the singles out there or the couples who need that edge! He gave you tracks to fall in love with, break up with, and even just makeup with! Then Chris Brown - Graffiti hit you from the emotional side of life, and the up's and down's of just being human! He gave you songs to blush to while your crush on him enhanced! He gave you songs to dance to and even cry too! The both of these men are hard to choose between that's why the votes were locked!

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