Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today is the day Graffiti came out and was released to the public. Many already heard the album when it was leaked to the public outside of Chris Brown's knowledge. The fear was then if so many got it for free would they still buy it and show support? The answer is yes, before the album reached it's midnight hours fans were already counting down the very second until Graffiti was available and in a matter of hours it was #2 on i-tunes top albums chart. This album truly shows Chris Brown's growth in albums and his maturity as a man.

Many women can't contain themselves when certain tracks are played , in addition to that they wonder if it's true! The album reaches a wide range of fans and people so no matter what type of music your into it will reach you. He's known  for his songs of expressions and deep emotions and this album is pouring with that, alongside tracks to make you dance. This album is a real depth look into the very man that Chris Brown is and striving to be! He's got the joints to make you dance and want to have the attention on you, then he has those songs that make you want to get close! Fellas he help you out on this one giving you tracks to get close to and put your partner in the mood! This is Chris Brown's third album and it's beyond words I can't personal find one track I don't love! This album also comes in a deluxe version with bonus tracks not on the other album. It's a little more in price but trust it's worth it from the money in the bank to pure satisfaction in the ears. However it was no surprise about this the singles Chris released just jolted to anticipation for the release date!  Many fans had the album on pre-order for weeks and couldn't wait to be the first to have a copy.  Plus with the fans going crazy over the  "Fan Appreciation Tour" it's starting to look a lot like a blessed Christmas for Chris Brown! The tour is donating the proceeds to two worthy organizations that Chris is involved in Best Buddies & Genesis.
My Personal Tracks
Sing like Me - Chris Brown's third single to his fans, with that soft beat that makes you want to be more then a fan. This song gives you a good vibe and makes you want to get close, and Chris had many ladies wishing. This track has an amazing lyrics and his voice is soft but means business!

Wait ft. Trey Songz & The Game- Wow is all I can say this song makes you want to dance, and get up in that certain someones face. This song will have you anticipating more and wanting even willing to "Wait" for it!

What I Do ft. Plies- Is that record to brag to and will have you studding like a boss every time you play the track you'll get hype just thinking about the record. The song is a great collaboration between Chris and Plies they really went hard on this track!

Falling Down- Is that track that had me in tears from the moment I heard it. I loved the inspiration in the song with the depth of meaning to it. The lyrics of  "It's getting heavy, I think I'm about ready to break down, I'm standing up but I'm falling down." I love that part in the song, but the entire song is relate-able  and you can understand and feel the emotion.

Take My Time ft. Tank- Well when you heard Tank was on this track you should have known it was going to be trouble. This song is just like it's title "Take My Time" and ladies take a deep breath on this one it too hot to handle!

Lucky Me- Is a deep look into what it's like to be famous and have your world captured at every second even when you want privacy! The song is a deeper look into what it's really like, and how it's what you want but the price pay!

Movie- Makes me blush and I'm a grown woman, this track wow Chris I'm speechless and CURIOUS! This track has that vibe of what "Love Making Music " really is and the imagery through the lyrics makes you wish the song was longer!

Famous Girl- Love the beat to that song, and it makes you wonder really! However it's a great song, and it's beat is beyond amazing. I love the idea of this song and the concept behind it, I love this song so much. Not enough words to describe how this song makes me feel and want to dance too.

Brown Skin Girl ft. Sean Paul- You know the islands were going to be screaming when they heard Sean Paul was on this track. This is my Favorite song and personal Anthem! Brown Skin Girls Stand up on this track and let it be known we are here! This track has that hip island song but with that coolness of R&B added to it for flare. Chris really put it down on this one, and makes me proud to be a Brown Skin Girl!

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