Thursday, November 19, 2009

DJ DimePiece The Mixin' Vixen

Her Bio
Making her way quickly to the scene, DJ Dimepiece has continued to make her mark as the south's premiere female dj. Hailing from the sunny state of California, Dimepiece came to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her college career at Fisk University. Always desiring to get into radio, Dimepiece began interning at the University's radio station, 88.1 WFSK. By her sophomore year she hosted a r&b midday shift and soon landed a weeknight shift. To suppliment her show with the hottest music, Dimepiece would purchase mix cds and mixtapes from Nashville's well known music store, Platinum Bound Records. The store owners, DJ Infamous, DJ Outlaw and Janiro would always encourage Dimepiece to learn the craft and start making her own Mixtapes and cds. With that in mind, Dimepiece made it a priority to become a DJ. She began to practice on the University's Turntables, hangin out at the city's clubs to spin with djs and soon opening for one of Nashville's known djs, Derek Jurand who Dimepiece also claims as her mentor. Meeting Derek Jurand at 92Q, sister station of Blazin 106.7 where she interned, Derek saw the grind and hunger in Dimepiece and took her under his wing. Introducing her to one of the biggest DJ organization, Tech.Nitions where Dimepiece later became drafted in September 2003. From then on, she has been making noise in Nashville, gettin her 1st time to shine on commercial radio and dropping her 1st mixtape within that year. In 2004, Dimepiece went from interning at Blazin 106.7 to landing a part time position as an on air personality/DJ. In addition, she joined Huntsville, Alabama's number one hip hop and R&B station, Power 93.3 part time. Topping the year with the Southern Entertainment Award, "Female DJ of the Year" for 2005, the sky is the limit for Dimepiece. She is now spinning at 101.1 The WIZ on "Dime Time Radio" Saturday Nights 7p-10p and Sunday Nights 7p-10p. Definitely be on the look out for major things from this female spin-stress.


  My Words
She is on point with her DJ game and the radios haven't been the same. She is beyond the most charismatic, fan favorite DJ to hit the mixing tables and take the mic. She is not just a beautiful women, but she has the passion to be the best and look amazing while doing it!  You can catch her on the airways or maybe at the next hottest party going down! She's beyond the most humble of DJ's I have had the chance to friend. The Mixin' Vixen is what they call her a name well earned that comes with much respect. She's worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and the sky is way past beneath her! She is loved by the fans because she is genuine in her loyalty. She's the DJ that plays your hearts reqest and has the latest of updates and information that all the fans want! She's on some of the biggest mixtapes and she has put female DJ's back on the map! She's a true Dime alright and if you don't know her get to know her, because when it comes to mixing she is on point and about that business! I don't have to tell you just watch and see, and that's proof enough right there. However if you need more proof then that go get the mixtapes and listen for yourself and then comeback to tell me different! Like I say for everyone I write for or about "For those that Love keep it coming,but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"
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