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Jasmine Lennear
From Screen To Screen Beauty
Interview By: Geneva Relf
Geneva: Greetings Jasmine, thanks for agreeing to this interview! How are you doing today?

Jasmine: I'm doing great today.I'm feeling good, looking good, and my health is in order what else can be better then that?

Geneva: I agree now for those who have not had the pleasure can you introduce yourself?

Jasmine: Well, I'm Jasmine. I was on VH1 latest dating show starring Ochocino called,"The Ultimate Catch"! I'm the one he cried over when he eliminated me LOL.

Geneva: You are known for your hilarious sense of humor from Chad OchoCinco reality show where he was looking for love. Where does your comic inspiration come from?

Jasmine: Hmmmmm, I think its genetic LOL. My whole family are goof balls especially my mom and my dad. I find it fun to take life as it comes because it can be so stressful at times. I have always like to make people laugh its fun for me. I'll be the one in the bunch that will do the dumbest thing just to get a laugh. I guess you can say it's my high!

Geneva: Being on a reality show in your opinion what are the pros and cons?

Jasmine: The CONS: You get crazy people stalking you and judging your every move. People will try to chop you down so much and there is so much hate.You're always looked at differently just because you were on TV. You can't move the same anymore. You can't go back to your regular life. You get old friends trying to hook back up with just so they can be in the spotlight with you.If you don't have  tough skin this life is not for you.
The PROS: You get to drink free liquor at the club and get carried out by the bouncers lol. Just playing, but a lot of doors open up for you. Life becomes somewhat of a party ( hey party over here). You get to met new people travel and just experience new things. The experience helps you grow in various ways. You become more in-tune with yourself and the people around you, You learn how to read people and you become some what of con artist detector as time goes on you can start to sniff out the real from the fake.

Geneva: You have been featured in music video like "Go Shawty" by Travis Porter, if you could choose any music video past or present to be featured in what music video and why?

Jasmine: I think I would have to say that I would like to be in Neyo- Miss Independent (remix) video because it represents positivity and empowerment. Soulja Boy and Bow Wow's Video -Marco Polo looked like hella fun I would have loved to hit the stanky legg one time in that video. I would so so so LOVE to be in any Gucci Mane video because he's dead sexy LOL.I would also like to be featured in A Plies,Jezzy,Lil Wayne,Trey Songz,Rick Ross,Waka, Nicki or Antione Dodson video LOL Hide Ya kids !

Geneva: You are also known for your modeling, Many know the stress for designers but what is the pressure or preparation for the models?

Jasmine: Well I really don't consider myself a model as of yet. I'm still learning. Modeling is very competitive. I compare modeling to a mini van: only so may can fit in it, once it is full you better try to carpool with the neighbors LOL. So much work goes into to modeling, you have to eat right (NOT MY THING) and you have to exercise (ALSO NOT MY THING). Some of you my not think that it is hard, but I like to eat and go to sleep and you cant do that if you have photo shoots booked back to back. You have to scratch the bacon, the fried chicken, the nachos, the soda, the KOOL-AID and the cookies. That's hell for me UGH!

Geneva: Being a beautiful women with so many talents, what has been your most profound achievement thus far?

Jasmine: Wow...I would have to say my face being able to be see on national TV. That's what most people aim for in a lifetime and I have achieved that which is what granted me the privilege of this interview.

Geneva: What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about women in the entertainment business in your opinion?

Jasmine: I think the BIGGEST misunderstanding is that the women are WHORES. Don't get me wrong, some of the women (in the entertainment business) are a little out there, but there are also many women out there that have self respect.

Geneva: Now more then ever we see strong, dominate, beautiful spirited woman in the entertainment business. In your opinion what makes strong woman in business and in life?

Jasmine: What makes a woman strong, through any aspect in life, is experience and game. You learn from your mistakes and you grow and gain knowledge about the situation and you use that in your future life decisions.

Geneva: Now not getting to personal I hope, but when it comes to dating in your opinion is it easier dating inside or outside the industry?

Jasmine: Well, I have actually never dated anyone that was in the industry, but I would imagine that it would be difficult because of their schedule coupled with my schedule. The relationship will have all the everyday pressures plus those of groupies,gold diggers, camera, and media breathing down your throat  24-7.

Geneva: Your a woman of  many talents, based off of your experience what key advice would you give to young women heading into this business?

Jasmine: Make sure this is the lifestyle that you want to live and are prepared for all that it entails. Make sure that you are ready for STRANGERS that approach you on a daily basis and also make sure you are ready to be talked about. You have to be able to make the right decisions on your own because no one is your true friend in this industry and no one has you best interest at heart. It's not all glitter and gold there are also numerous downsides to being a celebrity and a lot of people don't truly understand that.

Geneva: Being a model and fashionista how would you describe your fashion sense?

Jasmine: When I shop I just pick up items that catch my eye. If  I like it, then it goes into the cart LOL. I don't focus on who has what or who's wearing what: if I like it, trust it will look good on me.

Geneva: Being a woman of comedy if you could do a comedy tour or show. Who would you cast and why?

Jasmine: If I could do a comedy tour I  would cast: Affion Crockett, Charlie Murphy,Monique,Kevin Hart, Katt Willams, Bruce Bruce, and AJ Johnson.These guys have me on the floor crying laughing. I think that this show would sell out the 1st day. This idea is super cool if I must say so myself. I think I should copy write this immediately LOL.

Geneva: Jasmine it has been my honor and privilege to interview you. Is there anything you would like say or add before we go? Thanks again also don't forget to tell us where we can keep up with you and all your latest projects!

Jasmine:  Geneva, first of all I want to thank you for taking the time to interview me, I really appreciate it. I'm a twitter freak so you can reach me at or on my Facebook at 
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